How to Cut A Wooden Dowel Without A Saw?

If you happen to be someone who has an interest in making model structures, cakes of several tiers, or makes cabinets then there is a strong chance that you use wooden dowels rods for these tasks.

They are used to reinforce joints and support different parts of the structure together.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to cut a wooden dowel without a saw. And, if you don’t have a saw but want to cut a wooden dowel, then you’re in the right place.

Because I’ll walk you through the entire process and help you cut the wooden dowel properly.

What Can Be Used to Cut A Wooden Dowel?

Ideally, the answer to the question would be a saw as it is the most efficient and effective way of cutting wooden objects. But for someone who doesn’t work with wood all that often, it would be a big investment to spend money on a saw and a saw table.

In that case, you are going to have to make do with other things you have at home or cheaper alternatives.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day these dowels are made of wood, so whatever you might use to cut wood can be used to cut these wooden dowels as well. But that does not mean you will get good results from everything.

So, you need to be a bit careful while choosing your tools. Let’s talk about some good options you can try.

Serrated Knife

One of the options you might have to cut these wooden dowels is a serrated knife. Most of us have it at home which we use to cut bread or vegetables. The size of the knife you use will depend on the size of the dowel. If the dowel is small, you cannot use a big knife to do the work.

Now, the main problem of using a serrated knife for this task is you will take a very long time to get the job done, by the time you’re done, you will feel the burn in your hand much like the one you would feel after a workout.

Another problem is that the wooden dowel will be left with harsh edges that need to be smoothed out or sanded down.

Garden Shears

Another alternative you have is to use your garden shears. A lot of people have them in their homes if they are interested in maintaining their garden. They are quicker than the knives and you will have a better result from it too.

Cutting Jig

The last and probably the most efficient way of cutting wooden dowels if you don’t have a saw is using a cutting jig. All the dowels will be the same size and you will not have to spend a lot of time trying to ensure the length. Just have to make a stencil of the sort. So I am going to break the process down for you below.

How To Cut A Wooden Dowel? 

The best method to cut wooden dowels of the same size would be by using a cutting jig. You will be able to avoid chipping if you decide to use the jigs. Moreover, all the pieces are going to be the same size.

Make a slit in the stencil 

The jig should be more like a long rectangular wooden box, the long dowel rod is going to be inserted from one end and you will make cuts through a slit you make on the jig. You will have to measure the end of the side you are cutting and the end should be the length that you want the wooden dowel to be.

So if the dowel is going to be 1.5 inches, then the end part should be exactly 1.5 inches as well.

Drill a hole at the top and bottom of the jig

The hole you make at the bottom of the jig is through which you will insert the dowel. So, while making the hole you have to make sure it is big enough for the wooden dowel to fit through it. But, it shouldn’t be too big either, or you will have a hard time keeping it in one place.

Now, to make sure the hole is perfect, you have to make it using a drill bit the size of the dowel. So, if the diameter of the dowel is .25 inches, then that's how big the drill bit should be as well. Make sure the holes are aligned properly.

Ready to make cuts

You have already done everything that was needed before making the actual cuts. Now set everything up in place. Insert the dowel through the hole and make a cut on the dowel through the slit you made. This will keep the measurements correct and you will be left with perfectly sized wooden dowels.

The cuts here can be made using the garden shears or the serrated knife, either is fine.

Final Words

The work in hand isn’t really difficult. The lack of proper tools may pose as a problem. However, with the right substitute, you have nothing to worry about.

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