Top 10 Best Sandblasting Cabinet Reviews For The Money 2021

Nature always follows its course. Be it any object or living creature, with time it deteriorates. It’s just a natural way.

You might be wondering, what’s with this philosophical blabber. No, I’m not going to give a lecture on some profound meanings of life. Rather, I’ll focus on very visible things. Things like rusty car parts and stained tools.

What I meant earlier was objects tend to get rusty, damaged and deteriorate over time, some sooner than others. Often, you might want to reuse or recycle such objects without just throwing them and buying new ones.

This is where sand blast cabinets come into play. They’re very effective for removing rust, stains and messed up paint from surfaces. The best sandblaster cabinet will remove dirty, nasty, stubborn materials and make them polished.

This way, you can repaint or renovate the surface and get a nice, clean appearance out of the old one.

What Is Sand Blast Cabinet and What Are The Benefits of Using?

Often known as abrasive blasting, bead blasting or simply ‘blasting’, sandblasting is a way to clean, polish and smoothing a surface. It uses solid particles to run across the surface at a high speed. The rust or paints come out as a result of high friction.

Yes, you got it right. This is similar to the operation of sanding. Just that sanding needs a lot of manual labor or precision while sand blast cabinets make things easy and simple.

These cabinets come with a chamber where air and sand particles are mixed. The mixture comes out with a high force through a nozzle. The nozzle is directed towards a surface to remove stains and impurities. Depending on the speed, nozzle size and pressure, the cleaning quality can vary.

Portable sandblast guns work in the same way. The difference is the cabinets allow the abrasives to recycles and the dust particle can be collected and used again. The blasting part is done by the operator inside a compartment in case of cabinets, while it’s done in the open air in case of portable guns.

Key Benefits:

Fast Cleaning

Nobody wants to spend the whole day around stained, rusty materials. It’s not an appealing job, right? Thus, you need something that can get the work done fast, and efficiently.

Using the cabinet is one of the easiest and fastest methods out there. It’s simple, forthright, and a no brainer. Also, it saves time. Since you’re recycling the abrasive particles, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning the space like portable sand guns.

Cost Effective

Cabinets might cost more than portable devices initially, but they pay off nicely over time. First of all, the device is self-sufficient, so you don’t have to carry compressors around. It has a dust collector to amass the dust so that you can use them again and save money.

Most importantly, they fasten the process. You can get it done within a short time and focus on other works. And who doesn’t know, time is money.

Wide Applications

Sandblaster cabinet allows diverse uses thanks to its working method. You can keep an object that is rusty, stained or badly painted and use the gun to clean it. You can use it on metal, stone, wood, brick and many other surfaces.

The process includes you using a pair of gloves and cleaning the object within a confined space. Thus, the process is a 'no-mess'. Also, it doesn’t inflict any harm upon the operator or the environment.

Top Quality Cleaning

There are other methods to clean surfaces, such as sanding. Often they might not be effective enough, or even worse, not so precise. You might end up damaging the surface instead of just removing the defected layer.

With sand blasters, not only you can achieve sublime cleanliness, but the surface also looks polished and shiny. You can achieve a good result without scratching or damaging the original surface.

Those who need metal surfaces to profile before applying any coat, blasting can be a great option for them. You can achieve the exact profile you’re looking for.

Our Best Sand Blast Cabinet Reviews 2020

1. Dragway Bench Top Sandblasting Cabinet

Cleaning small products needs precision, finesse, and more effort. It’s actually easy to clean bigger products since the surface area is wider.

There are many sandblast guns that are well capable of handling large objects, but what about small, yet complex objects? Dragway Cabinet is a comprehensive machine that takes care of small objects for you.

With this unit, you’ll be cleaning the object inside a secure compartment. The machine is 23 X 20 X 19 inches in size. Thus it is compact enough to fit in a confined space, but enough for most small equipment and hand tools.

The window at the top is made of glass but protected with removable plastic film. The combination can handle high-speed abrasives coming towards it. The glass is 19 X 16 inches in dimension, so you can see all the angles easily. There are tight seals around the glass, and there is no chance of leaking abrasive.

The inside dimension of this product is 23 x 19 x 12 inches. There is enough space for you to move your hands and the object. The object is grabbed by the large, gripping rubber gloves attached to the compartment. Being only around 34 pounds, you should be able to move it easily.

The package comes with other accessories to make your work even easier. The spray gun and four different nozzles will help you work with different size of objects. If you need better illumination, you can switch on the LED light.

The whole model is sealed by silicone so all the mess is confined within the compartment. The overall structure is secured, except for the door. Replace the factory weather stripping with a ½-inch stripping for better sealing. Also, use caulk to seal any vulnerable area. The sealing shouldn’t take more than a mere few dollars.

Highlighted Features

  • Easily removable and replaceable air filter.
  • A transparent viewing glass with protective film.
  • Large, tacky rubber gloves to grip the object and gun.
  • Cone shaped bottom collects the media nicely.
  • The spray gun comes with four different nozzles.
  • LED light for better viewing experience.

2. AJ Tools CHIM0061-04 1/C Sandblast Cabinet

AJ Tools cabinet isn’t that different from the Dragway model we just reviewed. In fact, the appearance is so similar that you might confuse one for another.

However, AJ tools come at a cheaper price. This is an autonomous machine, which means you get everything you need to get started. There is a blast gun with different sized nozzles, blast compartment with hand gloves, air hose and an interior light.

The machine is relatively smaller than the Dragway model. It has a dimension of 20 x 12 x 12 inches. It can be easily used as a table top cabinet or ticked under a workbench.

The machine has a weight of 34 pounds. You can carry it relatively easily around the workshop. Being made of robust steel, the cabinet should be able to handle rough uses and harsh working conditions.

You need 60 Hz and 110 V to run the machine. The machine can handle 80 Psi of pressure. Since it’s a decent amount of pressure, you should be able to remove stubborn contaminants like age-old rust, paint, and stains.

This machine rotates the media very well. Jamming is one of the main problems with cheap basting cabinets. But with AJ Tools, the problem is unlikely to appear. The compartment has a lighting system to facilitate better viewing.

This machine has some small cons though. You might need several connectors to connect it with the compressor. Also, you might experience leakage of the media. But you can address these issues easily. Use some caulks to secure the joints and you should be good to go.

Highlighted Features

  • A durable last cabinet with a steel body.
  • It can handle 80 Psi pressure.
  • Lightweight, compact enough to store under a workbench.
  • Interior light for better viewing experience.
  • The gun comes with different sized nozzles.

3. OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet

This is a great sandblaster cabinet for home use, particularly because it’s lightweight, compact yet well built. Not only hobbyists, but professional users will also find the machine very convenient to handle small objects.

The compartment is placed on a stable base and the infrastructure is made of steel. The total setup is self-contained and runs in 115 V AC current. The principle is, you connect it to an air supply and an internal blast gun will control the air flow.

The dimension of this machine is 25 x 20 x 20 inches. It has a blast gun with easy-pull trigger. The replaceable ceramic tip nozzles have a longer life. The compartment has integrated hand gloves for the users to control the gun. It also protects the hand from harsh abrasive media.

OEMTOOLS has a replaceable air filter. The air filter keeps all the abrasive media securely inside the compartment. The cabinet has a compressor fitting which is like a permanent adapter.

The container can accommodate 15 to 20 pounds of abrasive media at a time. The quantity is more than enough for small objects and you don’t have to keep refilling while on work.

One thing you’ll particularly like is the lighting system. This is a low voltage light which won’t take much energy but will help you see what’s going on inside clearly. This machine has an integrated exhaust for blast cleaning jobs.

The cabinet is less likely to jam during operations. You don’t have to shake the whole machine just to send the media to the feeder.

Highlighted Features

  • A great baster to remove rust, paint, and stain.
  • The air filter is replaceable.
  • The ceramic tip nozzle lasts for a long time.
  • It accepts and works with most blast media.
  • Low voltage light for better visibility.

4. Magnum Air 60 Gallon Sand Blaster Cabinet

This one is slightly different from the ones we have reviewed so far, and that’s in a good sense. Compared to the previous ones, this one comes with bigger measurement and working area.

The overall dimension of this product is 55 x 35 x 24 inches. The inside compartment alone is 33x 22 x 14, which is almost double than the previous models. Unsurprisingly, this one comes with a large size door which can accommodate bigger objects.

This beast needs quite some power to run. You need an air compressor with 12 CFM power at least, and the ideal pressure is 40-80 Psi. You can store 40 pounds of blast media, which is double compared to small cabinets.

The design of this machine is a true state of the art. The container is placed over four long legs. Thus, you don’t need to place it over a bench since there is ample space under the hopper. The bottom feed hopper has a tapered drain door to easily replace blast media.

The viewing window is made of glass. It comes with 3 replaceable protective plastic films for better sustainability. What amazing is, the window is slightly angled and tilted frontward. Thus, you can get a nice view without having to lean over the machine.

The cabinet is easy to assemble, shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours. The compartment has thick rubber gloves attached to it for handling the object and the sprayer gun. The sprayer gun comes with 4 different sized nozzle tips to deliver varying requirements.

This cabinet and the gun is usable with a wide range of media. You can use silica sand, steel shot, glass beads, crushed glass, black beauty, walnut shells, corn cob as media. No matter which media you use, you shouldn’t have problem observing the operation thanks to the 12 inches fluorescent light.

Highlighted Features

  • Large blasting cabinet, suitable for industrial use.
  • Tapered bottom feed hopper to collect media easily.
  • It can accommodate up to 40 pounds of blast media.
  • Large side load door for loading bigger objects easily.
  • Tilted viewing window for better viewing angle.
  • Thick rubber gloves and 12” fluorescent light is provided.
  • It works with a wide range of blast media.

5.  Generic Abrasive Sandblaster Cabinet With Light

Most of the time, it’s not heavy use we’re looking for. A device with a small dimension and portability will serve us better. Generic Abrasive Sandblaster is something just like that.

You can easily attach it to your existing air supply and get started. The unit dimension is 23 x 19 x 19 inches, so you can use it for small to medium objects. It works with a 5 CFM compressor and 40-80 Psi air pressure. That means you need a compressor that can deliver 5 cubic feet meter constant flow at 80 Psi pressure.

You can clean various contaminants depending on the pressure. On low-pressure settings, you can clean rust and paint. On a high-pressure setting, you can clean metal items and glass etching. The media also determines the quality of the work. Walnut shells or glass beads are more abrasive in nature than others.

Depending on the job, you can also use silica sand, aluminum dioxide, and other media. The handgun comes with 4 long lasting ceramic nozzles, so you can control the performance.

The structure is made of steel and it’s very stable. You have to use it on a workbench though. The viewing window is made of Plexiglas. It’s a strong material that won’t get cracked easily.

Other accessories include hand gloves, dust collector and hopper to collect media. What you’ll like is the 15 VDC light that runs on low voltage. The machine has a solid build, but leakage can be a headache to its users. You can use silicone or caulk to seal the joints and they’ll serve you just fine.

Highlighted Features

  • Small, easily portable bench top sandblast cabinet.
  • It works with 5 CFM compressor at 40-80 Psi pressure.
  • Works with a wide range of media including walnut shells.
  • Hand gloves, nozzle tips, and blast gun are provided.
  • Fifteen VDC low voltage light allow better viewing.

6. Shop Fox M1114 Benchtop Sandblaster

One thing you’ll notice that the compartment of a cabinet is quite small compared to the whole machine. It’s because the machine has other parts to accommodate. But the Shop Fox M1114 is different in this matter.

It has a compartment that almost entirely takes up the whole structure. This means you get better workspace while taking relatively lesser unnecessary space. It has an abrasive capacity of 10 pounds, which should be enough for small to medium jobs.

The overall size of this machine is 24 ½ x 21-1/8 x 19 ½ inches. And as we already said, most of this dimension is the workspace. The machine needs a compressor with 5-14 CFM air supply that can deliver 60-100 Psi pressure. The Psi range better than most of the regular models on the market.

The machine has not one, but two side doors residing on both sides. The doors are 16 inches in width so you should enjoy easy entry and exit of the workpiece. The viewing window in tilted frontward to you will have a better and more comfortable viewing angle.

The machine comes with other regular stuff like hand gloves, spray gun and nozzles. It runs on 110 VAC with 12 VOC transformer. This is a moderately heavy machine at 50 pounds, but that also what makes it very stable.

The hopper recycles and restores the blast media, which you can collect or reuse through the side doors. The compartment has a built-in 15 watts fluorescent light. No matter how cloudy the compartment becomes, the light will always help you see well.

Highlighted Features

  • It works with dry abrasive media only.
  • This 50 pounds machine can hold 10 pounds of abrasive.
  • Slightly tilted 9 x 10 ¾ inches screen for comfortable viewing.
  • Two 16 inches wide door enable better access.
  • Gloves, siphon hose, and ceramic tips are provided.

7. Dragway Tools Model 110 Sandblasting Cabinet

This is one of the heavier models that won’t leave you disappointed, even if you throw tough jobs towards it. This one has a huge working area and even bigger machine dimension.

The overall structure is 65 x 52 x 38 inches in dimension. What makes it more appealing is the vast space under the hopper. You can use it as a standalone machine without needing any benchtop.

The inside area is 48 x 24 x 24 inches. As you can see, it’s almost double in size than most of the models we reviewed. Since this machine is supposed to work with bigger objects, the hinged top door is accordingly wide at 46 x 13-3/4 inches.

Not only the size, but Dragway 110 also comes bigger and better in every other aspect. It has a pair of heavy rubber gloves, 4 ceramic nozzles, 5 protective film replacements for the viewing glass and 5 protective films for the light.

The cabinet has 15 square feet of working area inside it. It needs 5 CFM or even bigger compressor for it to run. Also, it works at 80-125 Psi high pressure. The spray gun can be triggered by a foot pedal, in case you want to give your fingers a rest.

The structure is powder coated 14-gauge steel, very stable and durable. The machine runs in a gravity feed system, which continuously recycles and reuses the blasting media. There is a dust collector to collect dust and keep them away from basting.

Highlighted Features

  • An industrial abrasive cabinet with 15 sq. ft. workspace.
  • Powder coated, rustproof steel frame with a top door.
  • Works with all major abrasion media.
  • Brass and steel constructed foot pedal to control the spray gun.
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip spray gun.
  • A gravity feed system and high volume dust collector.
  • Five replacement films for front and light glass each.

8. Lykos Bench Top 25 Gallon Sandblasting Cabinet

Be it a garage, house or business, Lykos 25 Gallon Cabinet is equally convenient for all. It works with a wide range of abrasive media and works pretty much efficiently.

The size of this machine is 25 x 21 x 19 inches. With 22 x 18 x 11 inches working space, you shouldn’t have any problem moving the spray gun and the workpiece. The cold rolled steel material is solid and set of lasting a long time.

The machine is pretty portable and lightweight at 30.64 pounds. It works with 5 CFM air compressor that can deliver 40-80 Psi pressure. The machine has a top viewing window made of transparent plastic.

As we said, this machine works different media including Alum oxide, silica sand, glass beads, etc. It has a capacity of 25 gallons, which should pretty much keep you covered for small to medium jobs.

The blasting gun is designed ergonomically. It has a comfortable grip and a curved trigger to help you use it for a long time. You’ll also get 4 nozzles with the sprayer gun.

It comes with other accessories to make your job easy. These accessories include hand gloves, dust collector port, and hose pipe. Although not certain, you might experience some leakage from this machine. Use caulk to seal the leaks and you’re good to go.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable abrasive cabinet with only 30 pounds of weight.
  • Rugged steel construction with Plexiglas viewing window.
  • Usable with different types of abrasive media.
  • Works with 5 CFM, 40-80 Psi air compressor.
  • The kit includes sprayer guns, ceramic nozzles, and hand gloves.

9. TP Tools USA 2846 Sandblasting Cabinet

This is by far the best sandblasting cabinet in our list. From hobbyists to professional users, people seem to have fallen head over toes in awe for this cabinet. Why wouldn’t they? This one takes the job to a whole new level.

This one is pricier than portable models, and rightly so. For instance, this one comes fully assembled in a crate. Unlike the cheaper models where you have to scratch the head assembling the part, this one eliminates the guesswork.

It has a large physique with 64 ½ x 48 x 30 inches dimension. The working area is proportionately big at 46 x 28 x 28 inches. The whole body is made of 20 gauge steel and the door is made of 11 gauge steel.

TP Tools facilitate a huge compressor power 10-15 CFM while working on 80-125 Psi pressure. The sprayer gin comes with 1 steel and 2 ceramic nozzles. The C35 power gun can be run by a foot pedal, which is connected through a 7 feet air hose. Together, they can bring down even the toughest contaminants.

The dust management system of this machine is a true state of the art. A VAC-50 HEPA Vacuum keeps removing dust as you blast the contaminants. The abrasive can be switched quickly through the quick-change trap door. The abrasive recycle system is automatic.

This is a complete machine. It comes with lens trim and molded gloves. In case you want to get started right away, the manufacturers provide 50 pounds fast-effect Skat Magic Abrasive. To help you see even better, TP Tools come with 90-watt floodlight assembly that is adjustable.

Highlighted Features

  • Robust, beefy structure with steel side door.
  • Vac-50 HEPA Vacuum to remove dust while blasting.
  • The power gun can be operated by C-35 Foot-Pedal.
  • The expanded metal screen can carry 200 pounds object.
  • Bottom hopper recycles and sends abrasives back for reuse.
  • Wide 46 inches working area 90-watts floodlight.
  • Lens trim, lens protector and molded gloves are provided.

10. Grizzly G0707 Blast Cabinet

This is one of the premium models that are slightly costlier but come with great performance and durability. If purchasing all-star product like TP Tools is an overkill for you, but you want something better than portable ones, then go for this one.

This one strikes a nice balance between moderate price and high performance. Grizzly G0707 has a control panel which lets you switch the fluorescent light and dust collector on. It also has a regulator and a pressure gauge to keep track of the pressure inside the compartment.

This cabinet has four long legs to stand on. You don’t need any benchtop to place it. The working area is 37-1/8 x 23-5/8 x 22-1/2 inches in dimension, pretty spacious for most car parts, tools, and equipment.

The dust collection system is self-contained. It comes with a cartridge filter. You can clean the dust through the convenient bottom gate. The bottom of the hopper has a media tube to collect the abrasive.

You’ll love the comfortable view facilitated by a tilted window. Large doors at the side will allow you to load and remove workpieces easily.

The machine comes with all necessary accessories including sprayer gun, overhead blasting nozzles, and gloves. With these versatile features, this is one of the best sand blast cabinet models you can lay your hands on.

Highlighted Features

  • A reinforced, powder coat painted machine.
  • Compatible with 5-25 CFM compressor and up to 125 Psi pressure.
  • Quite heavy at 231 pounds shipping weight.
  • Control panel to switch on power light and dust collector.
  • The machine has a regulator and a gauge to measure pressure.
  • The bottom of the hopper is connected with media tube.

Things to Consider Before Buying sandblaster cabinet

Types Of Sandblasting Cabinets

There are two types of cabinets if you take the media into consideration, wet and dry media blasting cabinets.

The dry media cabinet is the most popular among hobbyists and professional users. They yield better and faster result in terms of cleaning. But the catch is, they often leave a ‘profile’ of the abrasion you use to strip the debris.

Wet media cabinets are better in this matter. Since they are wet, they are less likely to leave any profile. They’re also cheaper in price.

Comparing these two, users seem to love the dry media despite it being costlier. Especially if you’re working on projects like electronics, medical equipment, and aerospace devices, they are the better choice.

Size And Measurement

The size can be determined in two ways, the actual working area, and the overall size. Obviously, these two influence each other. Depending on your requirement, the size can be anything between 23×20×20 inches to 60×50×50 inches.

Remember, bigger size means a bigger dust collector, thus it will be easy for you to work on heavy projects. On the contrary, smaller machines come with the convenience of portability and easy storage. This will come handy if you have a restrained workspace.

The size should be determined by the type of objects you’ll usually clean. Are they big? Can they fit comfortably in the compartment? Is the door big enough to let them in?

It’s not uncommon for users to choose a small cabinet, only to find it inadequate for the specific job he needs. You need space to move the object and your hands comfortably to blast from every angle. They shouldn’t be contained in some stationary positions just because the space is too limited.

Construction Material

When you take the construction material into consideration, the cabinet can fall under either heavy duty or light duty category.

The light duty cabinets are cheaper, more portable and obviously less durable. They are made of molded plastic. DIY sandblast cabinets often fall under this category since people generally use a plastic container as the compartment.

Heavy duty cabinets are strong, robust and durable. Being made of steel, they are capable of handling the type of abuses this job tosses. They are heavier, thus moving them around can pose a little challenge.

Ease Of Observation

When working on a job that requires precision, like sand blasting, you need to be able to see the area clearly. You need to reach every nook and cranny and do a proper job. For this, you need assistance that can help you see well.

The viewing window is the part that influences the vision. Make sure the window glass is crisp clear and transparent, not tinted or opaque.

The position of the glass is also important. Some window is placed facing directly upwards, while others are placed at an angle facing upward and frontward. The latter enables easier viewing.

Some manufacturers make things even easier and install additional lighting in the compartment. Be it a fluorescent bulb or LED lights, additional lighting eliminate poor lighting condition and gives the user better viewing experience.

Pressure Feed Or Suction Feed?

Usually, suction feed sandblasters are cheaper than their pressure feed counterparts. They are more affordable but comes with a few drawbacks too.  For instance, they aren’t as efficient or as fast as pressure feed.

That’s because pressure feed takes a more direct approach. So you’ll be removing more contaminants with the pressure feed blasters.

Also, suction feed systems don’t work with harsher abrasive like steel, steel shot, heavy plastic. Pressure feed can handle these tougher and more effective abrasives.

Sandblasting Media 

What type of media you use and how often you switch between them? The answers make a difference when choosing the best sandblaster cabinet. Obviously, you’d want a cabinet that is able to withstand the media types you often use, right?

You might have to switch between different media to check which one is more effective against the contamination you’re handing. You’ll be bouncing between different abrasives. Thus, you need something that is flexible and capable of switching the media quickly.


As we all know, sandblasting cabinet reviews are often good for reputed brands. You might find the ‘deal of a lifetime’ with some unknown brand, but it’s likely to disappoint you in terms of performance and durability.

Why should we prefer good brands?

Simply because they have a reputation to protect, and the last thing they want is some bad reviews. Also, you’ll be secured with after sales services like guarantee, warranty, and maintenance.

Blast-It-All, OEM Tools, AJ Wholesale Distributors are some of the reputed sandblaster manufacturers. There are several others, so make sure you read the reviews and customer feedback before purchasing best sandblasting cabinet.

Take Care And Maintaining Tips For Sandblast Cabinet

Usually, low priced cabinets need more maintenance and vice versa. But the price is a relative thing, thus you need to know what exactly affects these machines and how to avoid these problems.

Cheap cabinets usually come with a small dust collector, which allows you to use lesser quality dust media. Also, cheap infrastructures are unable to handle higher daily usage, bigger nozzle size, and faster nozzle speed.

Here are some tips for improving the sustainability and performance of your abrasive removing cabinet. Remember, these machines need a regular maintenance schedule, not just remove and replace a part when it wears out.

1. Maintain Dust Collector

The most important area that needs maintenance. You need to keep the dust collector filter clean and ready for operation. Otherwise, it’ll stop moving the air out of the cabinet and generate a negative pressure inside. An unclean filter will also limit visibility for the user. For professional shops, the filter needs to be cleaned every 15 minutes while in use.

2. Use New Abrasives

Remove the collected dust on a daily basis. Also, install new abrasive from time to time. Abrasives can be recycled, but not indefinitely. Over time, they’ll get smaller in size and lesser in speed. Thus, refill with new abrasive regularly.

Check the abrasive hoses too for any leak. If you lose abrasive through a hole, you might end up increasing the air pressure to get the desired performance.

3. Replace Parts

There are several parts that need replacement once worn out. Nozzles, work grates, inlet filters, view windows, and separator, etc. Since the application method includes removing debris by high-speed abrasives, the parts come into contact should be checked regularly and replaced once they are worn out.

4. Keep It Clean

A good blaster should come with window protector. Make sure the window is clean and visible. Otherwise, you might eventually bring the object closer to the window for better visibility. If that happens, high-speed abrasives will probably destroy the glass.

Also, keep the abrasive scalper screen clean. It stores the large debris, gaskets and blasted silicone. A dirty screen will prevent abrasives from coming back to the gun and mixing valve, thus reducing the efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does A Sandblast Cabinet Operate?

Answer: These cabinets consist of four parts. The cabinet, blasting system, abrasive recycle and dust collection system. The nozzle is connected to a suction mechanism and air intake hose.

Together, the pick up the abrasive media and releases at high speed. The abrasive particles come in contact with debris on the surface and remove them through friction.

2. How To Build A DIY Sandblast Cabinet?

Answer: If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can build a cabinet at home. You’ll need a large plastic or metal box as the container, gloves, air filter, silicone sealants, sand blaster, nuts and bolts, etc. This video will explain the procedure in detail.

But we recommend purchasing nothing but the best sandblast cabinet from the market. Because first, you have to spend a lot of time building this and the build should be solid. Second, you might end up losing money instead of saving for inefficient abrasive recycling.

There are several cheap blasting cabinets on the market that are good in quality as well.

3. How To Operate A Sandblast Cabinet?

Answer: Well, the containment comes with two gloves attached to two holes. You insert your hands, wear these gloves and start working.

You can hold the object in one hand and use the pressure gun with the other. You can observe the whole process through the view window.

4. What Is An Abrasive Medium?

Answer: Abrasive medium is also known as blasting medium. They are used to remove debris and stain from the surface. As the name suggests, they use friction and abrasion to remove unwanted contaminants from the workpiece.

There are many types of abrasive mediums. The most common ones are sand/silica, glass beads, steel grit, and sodium bicarbonate particles.

5. Do I Need Air Compressor?

Answer: Bench top sandblast cabinets usually come as an autonomous device. Depending on what’s provided, you might or might not have to purchase/rent a compressor.

There are small portable devices that don’t come with any compressor, so you would have to buy one separately. If you have any compressor at your disposal already, feel free to use it.

6. What’s The Purpose of Lighting Devices inside the Cabinet?

Answer: Since you’ll work with abrasive medium and debris, the compartment where all the work is done is likely to be dusty all the time. Thus, you might get poor vision and lighting.

Some jobs might need you to be more precise. Some cabinets come with an additional LED light bulb to illuminate the area and facilitate better visibility.

7. How Does Abrasive Recycling Work?

Answer: Abrasive particles are bigger at first. They come across the targeted object and take the debris, rust, and stains down. Then they drop into the funnel.

They are again picked up by the siphon and repeat the process. Over time, they get smaller and lose speed. This is when you replace them with new abrasives.

8. What Is The Purpose Of Foot Pedal?

Answer: The same reason foot pedals are used in sewing machines. They make your work easier and help reduce fatigue.

When you press a foot pedal, the abrasive is drawn to the hose and blasted to the targeted object. Not all cabinets come with this feature, but it’s a nice one to have.

Final Words

A good blasting device can keep your tools and equipment clean and polished. Even better, if you want to make use of some age-old hand tools or plumbing equipment, this device will be a great assist to you.

But of course, you need the best sand blast cabinet that can survive the rigorous challenges of the job. The abrasive medium and debris are harsh, so you need a cabinet which is strong, rigid, and robust.

Hopefully, our sandblaster cabinet reviews will help find a model suitable for you. Be it industrial use or home use, always make sure you invest in a good product and don’t compromise the quality. Even if it takes a few bucks extra, you’ll be fully compensated in terms of performance and durability.

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