Best Rivnut Tool: Reviews and Recommendations for 2021

When you want to attach two metal sheets, rivet nuts are the most helpful tool. Most professionals prefer the rivnut tool because of its convenient features. 

With this thing, the metal sheets will not have any additional weight, and also, the screws will not put dents on the sheets. It helps you get a smooth and professional finish right at home.

However, finding the right tool for your needs can be tricky. That is why we bring you some of the best rivnut tools in the market. So you won't have to waste hours in research.

Additionally, we have provided all the things you need to know, such as what to look at in the specifications, so that you can make the best purchase.

10 Best Rivnut Tool Review

No need to run around looking for a good quality rivnut tool. Here's a list of products that are truly worth the purchase.

1. WETOLS Rivet Nut Tool

No matter how great the heads of a rivnut tool are, it's useless if the mandrels are not durable.

Thankfully, this one has mandrels that are constructed with chrome steel. The steel is also heat-treated to 40℃. Furthermore, the arms are also made of carbon steel for enhanced durability. So even with regular use, the handles won't deform.

Usage of such high-quality steel and carbon also results in reduced corrosion. This, in turn, helps increase the lifetime of the tool by at least 40%.

This set from WETOLS comes with seven mandrels. All the mandrels can be changed without needing any tools while you are on the go.

With that, you also get 70 pieces of rivet nuts.

To keep all your tools and accessories safe in one place, they also provide a solid case. This case is blow-molded and has separate holding spots for all the small accessories. Keeping the parts separate helps prevent unwanted collisions and scratches on the tool.


  • Mandrels are made with heat-treated solid chrome steel
  • Arms constructed of carbon steel for added durability
  • Comes with a blow-molded solid case
  • Corrosion-resistant tools that do not cause a health hazard


  • Does not go into smaller sized rivets


If you're looking for a long-lasting product, this is it. As the tools are corrosion-resistant, they are the best companion for construction work. You won't have to worry about touching your tools with wet hands.

2. RZX 16" RIVET NUT TOOL Hand Blind Riveter

Our first recommendation is this kit from RZX. We put this on the top because its versatility allows the equipment to be used by beginners and professionals alike.

You truly get your money's worth from this thing. In the set, you get 115 pieces of rivet nuts! Among them, 12 mandrels are interchangeable. The mandrels that you get range from M3 to M6, M8, M10, and M12.

This is a great set to get if you are just getting started with the type of work that involves steel merging. But as a professional, you can get a lot of benefits from the set. The main one being the interchangeable and tool-free changing design.

All the different heads that you get with this tool can be interchanged in a matter of seconds. You do not need any additional tools to do this. Just twist and lock the heads in place, and you are good to go.


  • Comes with 12 interchangeable heads
  • No tool needed to change the heads
  • 115 free rivet nuts
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • Has ergonomic handles and is 16 inches long for increased strength


  • Does not come with a case


Whether you're an at-home DIY enthusiast or a professional job holder at construction sites, you will love this set from RZX. It comes with all the accessories you need to get a smooth joint, and the heads can be interchanged without any tools. What a great bargain!

3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 13" Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Products that cost less but work as well as their high-end competitors are a blessing in disguise.

This one is an example of such a hidden gem.

Once opened, you will find ten pieces of the rivets; M5, M6, M8, and M10-24. With that, there are six nosepieces as well.

Just like any other high-quality rivnut toolset, this unit has interchangeable heads. All you need to change from one head to the other is your hands.

To help with leverage, the handles on this thing are made a bit shorter. This size makes it the perfect tool to use on jeeps and off-road work.

Because the hex sleeve automatically locks the rotation of the mandrel, you never need to worry about disassembling the tool. In addition, the hex sleeve is spring-loaded.


  • Quite an affordable option
  • To help with leverage, the handles are made shorter
  • Best for using on Jeeps and off-road work
  • Mandrel rotation can be locked automatically
  • Hex sleeves are spring-loaded
  • No disassembly required


  • Users have complained about some of the tool parts getting lost while shipping


This is an excellent quality rivnut tool kit that comes at an amazingly affordable price. The rotation of the mandrel can be locked automatically, and it's great to use on larger cars such as jeeps. What's there not to like?

4. Giantisan 16" Rivet Nut Tool

Versatility is a great advantage to have in any tool kit, and that's what the Giantisan River Nut offers.

This toolset is suitable for many scenarios. Use it on plastic pieces, riveting wood, metal plates, bicycle attachments, furniture, car attachments, and even for decorations.

Longer handles ensure faster outcomes. Thanks to the new and innovative design of the handles, your work is almost 50% more efficient.

If you need to work with the rivnut tool for long hours, this one will be a great choice for you. As the handles are made ergonomically, your hands won't hurt even after long hours of work.

On top of that, an added U-cross section in the arms helps prevent bending. So even though the handles are long, there is no chance of the tool getting deformed and unusable.


  • Long handles to increase efficiency by 50%
  • Ergonomic handles so that you can use the tool for longer hours
  • U-cross section handles prevent bends
  • Can be used for decorations, car attachments, furniture, metal plates, and lots of other materials


  • Does not have the most durable threads


You can use the tool kit for all kinds of things. Having such a rivnut tool kit at home or for work can be very useful. You get a great free case to store your tools in as well!

5. REXBETI 14" Rivet Nut Tool

The most annoying part of a rivnut tool is its handle. When using for a long time, the handles can take a toll on your hands.

Thankfully, the REXBETI nut tool comes with rubber-covered handles. So you can use the tool for long hours without getting scabs on your hands.

Additionally, the handles are designed to be longer to make things even easier for you, allowing you to use them smoothly. Therefore, you need to apply less force when working.

This rubber handle feature is actually why most professionals recommend getting the tool kit.

The tool will last you a pretty long time, thanks to the high-quality carbon steel construction. Even though these tool kits won't cost you that much, replacing them on and on again can be quite difficult. The durability of this one ensures that you don't have to do that.

Another huge advantage of using this tool kit is that you can buy any parts you lose separately. The replacement parts are incredibly easy to buy from any hardware store. 


  • Handles come with rubber covers
  • Reduces the chances of you getting scabs from working or too long
  • Ergonomic handles known to minimize pressure needed for completion of work
  • Includes six pieces of Metric/SAE interchangeable parts


  • Does not work as well without lubrication


Rubber handles are such a small addition to a rivet tool kit. But the difference is colossal. Get this kit from REXBETI if you are tired of getting your hands tired from prolonged work.

6. Teshong 16" Hand Rivet Nut Tool

Now, this is another fantastic tool for all the beginners out there.

Because the tool is so easy to use, new learners get time to focus on the material and how it works to build a strong base.

Not much effort is needed to change the heads of these tools. So you can focus more on your work rather than getting the tool right.

Although this unit is long and durable, it is not that heavy. So it will get the job done correctly without requiring you to put too much pressure, and it won't hurt your arms.

It's a 16-inch long rivet tool with a carbon arm that is 3mm thickened. Users have found that they need to use 40% less energy when working with this rivnut tool.

The carrying case that all the tools and accessories come in has a great handle on it as well. So you can easily carry the toolbox to the place you are learning in or to work!


  • A 16-inch long tool with carbon 3mm thickened handles
  • Users need to use 40% less energy when working with this one
  • The carrying case is scratch-resistant and keeps tools from colliding with each other
  • Comes in a travel-friendly case


  • The studs have broken quite easily for some users


It's a great tool kit for beginners who have to travel a lot for work. The case is quite strong and keeps your tool safe. Although a few users have complained about the M5 stud breaking too quickly, this is not a poor-quality rivnut tool kit!

7. Amjoy Rivet Nut Tool 16'' Long Handles, Labor-Saving Rivnut Tool Set

Here is another best rivnut tool kit set that you can buy if you are a beginner. People have also called this one a great gift for father's day, or a friend's birthday.

The kit comes with thorough instructions and a video for you to learn how to use the tool. This can be great for teenagers or new learners. So you can change the heads of the instrument and even the mandrels without being confused.

Made with hard carbon steel, there is no possibility of the tool bending or breaking. So a beginner can have their way with the tool without having to worry about destroying it.

As mentioned in the title, this is a 16-inch long tool. Therefore you can effectively secure rivnuts on any project without having to sweat too much.

On top of that, the kit is also quite affordable.


  • Great gift for father's day or birthdays
  • Comes with thorough instructions and a video
  • Affordable pricing
  • Suitable for teenagers
  • Easy to change heads and mandrels


  • Not much use for professional work


This is just the best kit that you can buy for your teenage kid if you want them to build more skills. Because the kit is so strong, there is less chance that your child will break it. The videos and instructions help speed up the learning process.

8. ORFELD Store Rivet Nut Tool, 13" Hand Rivet Nut Tool

Lightweight tools are much better in comparison to the ones that make your arms hurt.

As the ORFELD rivnut tool kit has aluminum in its construction, the appliance is much lighter. This makes those long hours of work easier on you. Also, these are great if you have to travel a lot for your work. You don't get a case with it, but the tool is slim and light enough to fit into any bag.

If speed is something you are looking for when buying a tool, we suggest you get this one. The heads on the device can be changed by hand in mere seconds. So, you won't have to waste any time dealing with the heads.

Thanks to the heat-treated 3 mm handle, there is no possibility of rust forming. So, feel free to touch your tools with wet hands or get the tool bag wet in the rain.


  • No rust building
  • Aluminum in the material mix helps make the tool a lot lighter
  • Easier to carry because the tool is slim and light
  • Enables you to work faster thanks to the no-tool needed interchangeable heads


  • No proper instructions included on how to change the heads


Workers who need to travel a lot for their work will highly appreciate this tool kit. Because the tool is so light, it is much easier to work with and also carry.

9. AKKTOL 16" Rivet Nut Tool

The AKKTOL rivet tool is so popular because of its unique shape. Its innovative curves help you work much faster and more comfortably.

At the end of each tool, you will find that there are grooves in which you can rest your fingers. This allows you to get a better grip on the tool. So you have more control over where you are placing the rivet tools.

Moreover, the ends have rubber coverings that make the hardware much more comfortable to hold. Your fingers and especially your palms won't hurt as much when you are working now.

Like any other high-quality rivet nut tool you will find in the market, this one also comes with a heat-treated carbon steel construction. But what is different about this one is that it has a unique black phosphating finishing.

This makes the tool much more resistant to damage, scratches, and, more importantly, rust. Overall, this tool will serve you a long time before it needs to be replaced.


  • Black phosphating finishing adds protection against rust, scratches, deformation
  • Comes in a unique curved design that makes the handles more ergonomic
  • Thick plush-like handles are more gentle on the hands
  • Mandrels come in separate color-coded boxes for easy identification


  • No noteworthy cons


Added black phosphating finishing makes this tool one of the most durable ones on our list. It's comfortable to use, easy to handle, and also comes in color-coded mandrel boxes!

10. One Sight 14" Rivet Nut Tool

The last tool on our list is a versatile one. You can use the One Sight 14-inch rivet nut tool on jeeps, bicycles, hardware furniture, car accessories, and lots of other steel and metal projects.

This kit is a great asset to have at home due to its wide application.

To store this prized possession, you get a free blow box. The box is relatively easy to carry and sturdy as well. Even if thrown around, the tools inside will stay safe.

Although this blow box is durable, some users have complained about the tool not lasting a long time. For some users, the mandrels and rivet nuts broke into two or had scratches to a point where they were unusable.

But the versatility of the product still makes this worth the purchase. Also, the tool is easy to use and has thick rubber handles.


  • Can be used on multiple steel and metal projects such as jeeps, cars, and furniture
  • Comes with a sturdy blow box
  • Rubber handles that go easy on your hands
  • 110 pieces of rivet nuts and 8 mandrels free with purchase


  • Not durable


Besides its problem with being durable, this tool is not that bad. It performs well and can be used on multiple projects. It's a good buy if you do not need to use a rivnut tool daily.

Things to Consider While Buying Rivnut Tool

Before you make a decision, have a look at these points to get the best tool for yourself.


There are two types of rivnut tools in the market. One is manual, and the other is automated. Each of the types has its benefits.


If you are going to use the tool for light work, then go for the manual type. You will not need to put in much force in less intensive jobs; therefore, the manual type should work just fine.

This one is much hassle-free to use, and the best part about it is that it does not require an additional power supply to function.

All you need is the power of your hands, and that is it for the manual type. However, working with a manual one can also get tiring. Since you will be working with your hands, rotating the mandrels can quickly get you tired. That is why it is best for light work.


The automated type is powered by air.  You need to attach the tool to another tool with pressurized air in it, and then the device will function. With the power of the air, the tool will attach the mandrels to the metal sheet. You do not have to do it manually.

The only problem is that it is expensive. Since the automated rivnut tool requires additional tools to function, it is bound to be more expensive.


The material of any product you buy is essential, especially if it is a tool. Since tools are used for heavy work, they need to be durable. Just imagine a simple tool like a screwdriver.

If the screwdriver is made of plastic, then it will snap very often. You would be buying screwdrivers all around the year.

In the case of the rivnut tool, the situation is very similar. That is why the material with which the rivnut tool is made is crucial.

The best material for this type of instrument is steel. Go for something that is made of some steel. It can be stainless steel or chrome steel, but steel is a must.


You should always consider the weight of any tool you buy. Since you will be carrying it while working, moving it around can make you tired if the equipment is heavy.

Therefore go for something which will help you get the job done and be light in weight. Don't go for something too light or too heavy. Find the right weight for yourself.


Rivnut tools are considered to be portable tools. Due to the type of work it performs, the equipment needs to be carried around a lot. Therefore the size of the instrument can be a significant factor. If the size is too big, then carrying it around might be a troublesome game.

The size preference can vary from person to person. Get something that feels right for you.

Are Nutserts and Rivnuts the Same Thing?

In the case of tools, each tool has its uses. It is true that in some cases, you can use one tool for multiple purposes.

However, there are some tasks for which you will require specific equipment, or else you will not get the quality of work you want to receive.

When it comes to nutserts and rivnuts, the case is very similar. Both rivnuts and nutserts have specific purposes.

Rivnut tools are only useful for thin metal sheets. In other words, they are specifically designed for thin metal. Nutsert tools cannot match the finishing that rivnut tools provide when you use them on thin metal. On the other hand, nutserts are perfect for thick metals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a pop rivet be too long?

A pop rivet can too long for the work. If the pop rivet is too long, then it will make the process very expensive. Additionally, it will interfere with the clearance behind, so you need to face some extra hassle adjusting it.

2. How do you remove bad Rivnuts?

There are two ways of removing bad rivnuts. You can take the whole thing out by drilling it or using a bigger size to retap. There will be a gap if you use a bigger size but not to worry; you can fill it out with a metal proxy.

3. What can I use instead of rivets?

You can use multiple things instead of rivets like a drill bit, an electric drill, or even a screwdriver.

4. How much weight can a Rivnut hold?

A rivnut can take up to 1215 lbs. of weight. That means it is pretty solid and durable. You don't need to worry about it falling apart once it is attached.

5. Can you use Rivnuts in plastic?

If it is a fastener, then it will be great for plastic. However, you will not be able to weld clinch on it.

Final Words

We have shared all our findings for you to get the best rivnut tool in the market. Make sure you do your research and understand your needs better before you make a final decision.

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