Best PEX Manifolds: Reviews For Efficient Water Distribution at Home!

One of the main issues many people face when installing a new radiant heat system is deciding what kind of distribution they want. With so many possibilities out there, picking the right one can be a hard choice.

Luckily, you can always get the best PEX manifold and get rid of all the choosing hassle. It will provide the installation ease, performance, and practicality you want for your new radiant heat system.

Even if it is just for redistributing your water more effectively all around your house – a PEX manifold is the option to go for.

Care to learn more about this magnificent product and how it can help you set up a plumbing system?

We have all that and more in this article – scroll further and find out!

Things to Know Before Buying A PEX Manifold

If you’re really sure of getting the best PEX manifold for your residential or business water distribution system – then you’ll want to be equipped with the highest amount of info about them.

Here, we explain the major factors that will make a difference between a bad and a decent manifold:


There are 3 kinds of materials that you can get for PEX manifolds. The first and most common is copper. It is an affordable alternative for those who want simplicity above anything else. Some copper options are entirely lead-free, especially the ones marketed as brass, so they are very safe to use.

Then, you’ll find stainless steel. This is a way more durable and reliable alternative. But of course, steel is far more expensive. A stainless steel manifold can last decades without problems, creating less corrosion and increasing the overall safety of the water that passes through.

And finally, you’ll find plastic alternatives or polymers. These are not bad choices and can be either expensive or cheap.

However, they only work with specific pressure limits so they can be less durable than copper and stainless steel. We only recommend these for those who need to customize their manifold system continually.


Size is essential for your system. When you’re installing the manifold, you’ll probably have to work in a small space – so if you don’t have the right product, it may eventually backfire.

We recommend getting something that fits inside the place where you are installing it. For that, make sure to make all the measurements in width, height, and length depending on what you’re looking for.

Most manifolds are thin enough to fit between two walls, but they can be long or short and sometimes a little high depending on the design.

So, before buying a manifold, always try to be completely assured that it fits inside the place you’re setting it up. Otherwise, you are set for a very disappointing experience.


Regarding ports or loops, you’ll have to consider both size and quantity. Some irrigation systems demand up to 8 ports or more. A water distribution system for houses may demand up to 12 ports. And radiant systems can be from 4 to 12 ports accordingly. They all differ exponentially, so be sure of what you need.

But the number of loops is not enough – you should consider the size. For example, most PEX ports are 1/2-inches, but you may also find 3/4-inches ports depending on the design of the piece.

Some manifolds come with a 1/2-inches port by factory and a 3/4-inches adapter so you can make it work in your system.

It is always better to get something that offers more ports than you really need so you can be prepared in case you need an additional port. But also consider if you’ll need hot and cold water ports differentiated, so make sure to get a complete-enough manifold.


As you should know, most ports on a manifold are outlets. This means they are made to distribute water from the primary source. However, manifolds also come with inputs.

These are often 1-inch in diameter, so they let enough water go in and distribute accordingly. But some models not only come with a 1-inch inlet but also a 1-inch outlet that works as draining or filling port.

If you are often testing the distribution system against issues or to filtrate water, then having an additional 1-inch output can be pretty helpful.

We recommend going for manifolds with two inputs so you can have a better chance to install hot/cold water systems. Of course, that’s your choice still – if you don’t need two manifolds then get only one.

Our Best PEX Manifold Reviews 2020

You’ll find hundreds of manifolds to consider, but only a selected minimum few will be worth having. Here we’ll show you 11 of those valuable alternatives. Go through our reviews to learn more about each:

​1. Viega 50243 PureFlow Manabloc 

Viega is a brand that everyone knows for the quality of construction and unique designs. The Manabloc manifold is precisely that – the best PEX manifold system that takes water distribution to another level.

The PEX tubing in this piece helps to pair up with any kind of diameter or size. With the ability to work with 15 different outlets for cold water and 9 for hot water, this is probably the most convenient of all.

If you want to reduce water waste at home and enjoy efficient water distribution in the most straightforward way possible, no manifold will be better than this.

The whole build is proven to last longer than its competitors, offering a non-corroding experience that you can enjoy for years without setbacks.

The flow noise is also reduced thanks to the particular design and construction. You will never hear the pressure inside the manifold, which is a top advantage for places where quietness is valuable.

Apart from that, it is entirely chlorine resistant, so you can make it work with almost any kind of clean water without problems. And with the PolyAlloy adapters, you will surely get a long-lasting manifold that will never corrode or make your water dirty.

To make this manifold a top choice, it comes with a Homerun distribution system, the most effective and performance-oriented system that makes installation a piece of cake.

Pair up all the features this manifold offers, and you’ll get a fantastic piece in its entirety.

Highlighted Features:

  • 15 ports for cold water & 9 ports for hot water for extra handiness
  • Exceptional PollyAlloy adapters for durability & compatibility
  • Superb construction that stands chlorine and corrosion
  • Top-notch Homerun system makes installation easy

2. VI​​​​VO PEX-M12 Manifold

When it comes to quality, Vivo always delivers what most buyers are looking for – and this superb manifold is not an exception.

This is a loop design that helps to make radiant floor heat systems work. But you can use it for almost anything thanks to a hugely practical design in its entirety.

You can find it in different models that go from 2 loops or ports for cold and hot water, or up to 12 loops or ports for the largest systems.

It uses 1/2-inches connectors, but you can get it working with all kinds of tubing as long as you get an additional adapter.

And of course, it comes with its own set of drain valves at 3/4-inches so you can enjoy decent filling or draining with its easy-to-use cap mechanism. The automatic air vents keep the pressure at bay too.

The whole construction is outstanding too, using stainless steel in the manifold assembly and PEX outlets. But it also comes with heavy-duty mounting brackets for extra durability and adjustable flow indicators that keep the product working for long without drawbacks.

To make it an even better alternative, it comes with isolation ball valves of 1-inch that monitor the supply and temperatures. In short, you have everything you need in a complex but wonderfully practical manifold for radiant systems.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel construction for durability
  • Comes in different options from 2 to 12 loops or ports
  • Convenient drain valves, air valves and compression connectors
  • Excellent 1-inch NPT connections for temperature measurement

​3. SharkBite 22785 Copper Manifold

Simplicity always does it, and the SharkBite 22785 takes it to another level so you can install and set-up your manifold in the most convenient way possible.

Say good-bye to complex manifold systems that take days to install. You can do all this in a matter of just hours or even minutes with this copper system from SharkBite.

It all starts with 1/2-inches ports that supply up to four different lines for the best results. Whether you want to redistribute or just make more efficient use of your home/business water – this manifold can come in pretty handy.

The best of all is the copper construction that stands years of use. This copper is also completely resistant to chlorine and prevents corrosion effectively.

Another considerable advantage is leak elimination, offering the chance to enjoy years of efficient distribution without any setbacks. Even the most complex systems will be surpassed with the simplicity and reliability of this one.

The piece also comes with a 1-inch trunk port for the inlet. Getting water from outside and reallocating to four different places has never been as easy and straightforward as it is with the 22785 copper PEX manifold from SharkBite.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional copper construction for safety and durability
  • Comes with four ½-inches ports for extra handiness
  • The totally straightforward installation process with a simple design
  • Inlet 1-inch port helps to achieve fast water distribution

4. Apollo PEX 6907984CP

If you aren’t a fan of cheap options, you can always get the most complex of all. And for us, no other manifold is as convenient and complicated as the PEX-B 16-port from Apollo.

As its name says, it is a 16-port option for those who want the highest distribution quality possible. You can make it work with all kinds of radiant or water-distribution systems that will promote a hugely efficient use at home or business.

You can make it work with either cold or hot water lines without any problem – just connect the line directly to any of the 1/2-inches ports, and that’s it. The manifold comes with two 1-inch MPT lines, one for hot water and one for cold water – each line comes with 8 ports for the utmost versatility out there.

You can adapt the inlet ports with 3/4-inches barbs if needed – helping you to achieve superior handiness whenever required.

The best of all is that you can use a single point for shutting off each port individually. You’ll be stopping the entire water flow in the piece from a single valve without having to stop water in all ports – making it hugely convenient for most users.

And it is still hugely reliable, with a base made of stainless steel and valve body with PEX plastic that stands several years of use without problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient 16 ports for cold & hot water
  • Individual valves for closing each line
  • Durable & reliable PEX build with stainless steel base
  • Straightforward installation in walls

​5. SharkBite RM22724

It looks like a breaker box, but it works as no other manifold does. The efficiency and utter handiness of this manifold from SharkBite will provide the best experience you can think of.

It is like a central control unit that distributes water to different places at the same time. With 24 different ports so you can hook up your cold or hot water. Each port is 3/4-inches so you can make it work with many different kinds of lines.

The port's construction is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it ideal for potable water systems. Every component is also PEX oriented, so you can expect a magnificent quality for a very accessible cost. The plastic is Acudel Polymer, one of the safest options for water systems.

You can make it work for radiant or irrigation systems so you can achieve excellent results at all times. And it gets better when you add how easy it is to install with a straightforward base for quick set-up wherever you prefer.

Just hook it to a wall, connect the lines to the desired port, and that’s it. You’ll just have to close/open the ports you want to work with, and the manifold will do its job like no other. Up to 24 ports are working simultaneously for the largest systems out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Astounding 24-port design for extra convenience
  • Durable and resilient Acudel Polymer body with brass ports
  • Versatile design with individual valves for each port
  • Works for plumbing, radiant and irrigation systems

​6. Fitting Stores Plumbing Manifold

Simple but outstandingly reliable – the Plumbing Manifold from Fittings Stores will make water redistribution pretty easy and effective.

It comes with two 1-inch trunks along with 6 loops each for a total of 12 ports that you can use for effectively redistributing water for either radiant systems or plumbing. The hot/cold water compatibility allows you to use this manifold for a different array of applications without problems.

The whole construction offers low-lead brass with a metallic color. This provides a safe operation without disturbing the performance.

On top of that, the 12 ports come with a 1/2-inches tubing size each, along with a valve for closing and opening when needed. You’ll have the chance to operate the whole manifold in a matter of seconds and still receive the response you expect.

But the ports also come with a 3/4-inches port that you can use without a PEX adapter. This helps to receive an even more versatile operation for all kinds of jobs – from irrigation systems to the most complicated radiant floors.

The installation is a piece of cake, and the overall quality of the material will last a lifetime. So, it doesn’t matter how you see at it – this manifold will take reliability and performance to another level. If you want to change your old manifold or install an efficient alternative – this one will work like a gem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb low-lead brass construction for durability and safety
  • Comes with PEX connectors and ¾-inches adapters
  • Convenient 12-port design with individual valves
  • Straightforward installation with simple design

​7. Fittin​​​​g Stores 7-Loop PEX Manifold with Tubing Brackets

Amazingly made to provide ease of installation and superb efficiency, the Fitting Stores 7-Loop PEX Manifold is the ideal radiant heating alternative to go for.

You get two sets of 7-loops for cold and hot water so you can connect your radiant heating system in a matter of minutes. Each manifold comes with a 1-inch NPT thread for the inlet, plus seven 1/2-inches PEX ports.

You’ll also get an isolation ball valve with each port, ideal for closing/opening water pressure depending on your needs. They are identified with red and blue colors so you can have an easier time operating the system.

The additional bracket that keeps manifolds together offers a considerable advantage when installing. You can make this system work practically anywhere, and it will always deliver precisely the experience you’re looking for.

You’ll just have to connect the 14 pieces of PEX connectors, PEX-al-PEX pipes, and the double O-rings so you can have a flawless manifold system at home.

Apart from all that, consider the lead-free brass construction of the whole piece that will make it safe and durable to use. If you have a radiant heat system with 7 loops or ports to power up – then you’ll find no better option than this.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional 7-loop design with individual ball-bearing valves
  • Superb brass construction for durability and safety
  • The simple design offers an  effortless installation with a holding bracket
  • Comes in 14 pieces so you can customize it to your needs

8. CMI ​​​​PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating

Efficient, practical, and easy to install – the PEX manifold from CMI products will make water redistribution a total piece of cake for your house.

The first thing you’ll see is a stainless steel construction. This provides superb durability and corrosion resistance so you can expect your manifold to last a lifetime without damaging water quality.

But that’s not all, it also boasts flow meters on the tips so you can know the pressure of each individual valve through GPM. This parts really well with the 1-inches NPT shut-off valves for both hot and cold water manifolds.

The design comes with a 4-loop system, but you can also pick five different options that go from 2 ports to 12 ports depending on your needs. Each port also comes with its own drain/fill valves using a hose-connection cap. This makes operation easy but also highly convenient.

And what really stands out, the piece comes with balance valves so you can keep the water flow regulated throughout the whole system.

Pair all this up with a pre-assembled design that you simply need to attach to the right anchor point, and that’s it. You’ll have a completely functional manifold that requires no major installation. Efficiency and convenience at its best – that’s what you get with this magnificent piece of plumbing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long-lasting & reliable stainless steel construction
  • Comes with different numbers of ports from 12 to 2
  • Individual flow meter and pressure caps for handiness
  • Fantastic 1-inch NPT ports and drain/fill ports with caps

9. Sioux Ch​​​​ief 672XV0431PK PEX Copper MANIFOLD

Copper is an excellent material to make manifolds, and the Sioux Chief makes it work like no other. Taking into account its simplicity and overall resilience; this is not a product you want to dismiss.

There’s not much you will need to learn about this piece, its design makes it completely straightforward to use and install. You get four 1/2-inches ports with their own valve, so you can make it work with different radiant systems according to your needs.

The whole piece is made of copper, ideal for safety and overall durability. It is entirely lead-free too and provides a corrosion-free experience.

It comes with a 1-inches female and a male port on each side accordingly. This way, you can install the manifold in a matter of minutes and make it work efficiently without much tweaking. Especially with the 10-1/4-inches length, you can practically install it anywhere you want without problems.

If you want to install a radiant or water-distribution system at home, few alternatives will be as affordable and effective as this manifold from Sioux Chief. You can make it work in a matter of just an hour after getting it, and it will easily last a lifetime of safe & reliable performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality lead-free copper construction
  • Offers 4 ports with individual valves for convenience
  • The small 10.25-inches length makes it a piece of cake to install
  • Straightforward design with male and female 1-inch ports

10. AB W​​​​iseWater Pex/Radiant Manifold

You are probably not looking for a simplistic model. Instead, you want the best PEX manifold that does everything you need and more. And guess what, that’s precisely what the WiseWater Manifold from AB offers.

It is a top-notch brass manifold with nickel coating that improves the overall durability and heat conduction of the piece. You’ll get an almost flawless model that makes radiant heating systems ultimately easier to install than alternatives do.

You get eight 1/2-inches ports for both cold and hot water so you can make it work for the largest systems without problems. The model also comes with 3/4-inches adapter if you need it.

But what really sets it apart from the competition is the 1-inches FPT supply and return inlet with a 1.6 GPM high-flow meter that makes adjusting easy. This way, you never lose sight of how much water is passing through, delivering the ideal method for the most complicated radiant heating systems.

The manifold even comes with two shut-off valves with 1-inch NPT connections, ideal for monitoring and adjusting the overall flow of water if needed.

Each manifold also comes with its own manifold and air vent. You can heat up, fill, or drain the whole piece according to your requirements. And inevitably, every port comes with balancing valves that allow you to choose whether you want to block a specific line from getting water.

You even get stainless steel brackets that make installation a piece of cake. Pair everything together, and this is an almost perfect manifold model to have.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a 16-port design with flow meters & valves
  • Long-lasting and resilient brass build with nickel coating
  • Handy addition of drain valves, flow valves, and air vents
  • Easy to install thanks to steel brackets with screw holes

11. Sioux Chie​​​​f 672X0690 Pex Spin Closed Manifold

Sioux Chief is one of those overlooked brands that always delivers the maximum possible quality without letting users behind. If you value high-quality builds – then this copper manifold will not disappoint you.

Despite its overall affordability, this is a potable brass fitting that delivers superb durability & practicality for your installation. Boasting 6 ports at 1/2-inches, you can make it work with almost any kind of system without problems.

It is one of the most useful for domestic plumbing installations, making the whole set-up easy and fast. You won’t have to spend hours installing this piece – just a few hookups, and it will be ready.

The trunk is entirely compatible with any 1-inch inlet too, so you can get water to distribute pretty quickly. You can use it as a primary or secondary manifold – however you prefer. It will always deliver the performance you’re looking for.

And still, it is a small piece that you can install even in the most challenging places. So if you need to distribute water efficiently in a matter tight space – then using this manifold will come like a pretty handy alternative.

With its lead-free construction, straightforward design, and smallness – you can use this manifold in any way you prefer, and it will surpass your expectations. If you’re on a low budget, this one is a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic lead-free brass construction
  • Small and efficient design for extra convenience
  • 6 different ports for high compatibility with most systems
  • Magnificently cheap with top quality

Benefits Of Using a PEX Manifold

After reading our PEX manifold reviews, you’ll probably want something to ensure that you’re getting a product that’s worth having. If so, then let us tell you all about the advantages of getting one:

  • Stand All Kinds of Temperature

A PEX manifold can stand even the hottest or coldest temperatures. You can make it work with radiant heating systems or with heating elements close to water outlets without problems. Similarly, they can stand freezing temperatures without breaking or splitting, which is a big plus.

Apart from that, PEX manifolds can last years without corroding or rusting due to temperature-related issues. And that’s a huge advantage when compared to other types of manifolds.

  • Turn Off Water Flow Easily

Most manifolds have a unique valve design that you can easily turn on and off depending on your needs. So, if there’s a line that needs closing due to repairs, customization, or for any other reason – then a manifold with individual valves will be hugely useful.

You can manage multiple lines from a single point without needing several valves all around the house. This is a massive advantage in big homes and large commercial buildings. By merely closing one line to make a fix, the rest of the lines can work without any problem.

  • Convenient Choice for Commercial Buildings

Even though this mostly works for the largest PEX manifolds out there, you can always install one in commercial buildings and get a lot of positive results.

If you’re installing a water-distribution or a radiant-heat system, then using a PEX manifold system may be your best idea. They come with up to 12 ports or loops that you can hook up to different lines and manage water from it.

Some models come with up to 36 different ports for an even more convenient experience. In commercial edifications, this is a practical advantage that no one should overlook.

  • Manifolds Fit any Kind of Plumbing System

Even though they work with PEX piping effectively, most of these manifolds work with all kinds of tubes and sizes. You can use 1/2-inches lines made of copper, or 3/4-inches inches tubing with PVC, sometimes even 3/8-inches supply stainless steel pipes if needed.

This helps users in old or new houses to install one of these with their water distribution system without having to reinstall or remodel the whole plumbing.

  • Highly Convenient Color Coding

A PEX manifold often comes with different colors for hot and cold lines. This is a giant plus for people who want a straightforward installation process.

Some manifolds without this color grading may become a headache to use. Luckily, PEX manifolds do it effectively to make the whole process a piece of cake.

  • Straightforward Installation

When you get a PEX manifold, the set-up is probably the most advantageous thing of all. You won’t have to spend days installing the piece inside your house. It just takes a few screws inside the wall or anchor point, and that’s it.

Some models even come with their own rings, clamps, and fittings so you can install them in a matter of minutes. And of course, the design allows a simple set-up of all the lines going all around. You won’t need ample space to set it up even if you pick a large manifold model.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may think you already know everything about PEX manifolds, but very likely you don’t. That’s why we bring a few some common doubts from users and the corresponding answer to each. Want to learn about them? Here they are:

Q: Do I really need a PEX manifold at home?

A: Not necessarily, as long as you use a reliable and efficient distribution system at home. But if you want the most practicality possible for redistributing water all around your house, a PEX manifold is your best bet.

Q: How much does a PEX manifold last?

A: Normally, one of these pieces can last several decades. From 30 to 60 years is the typical lifespan of a PEX manifold. However, with proper maintenance and fixings when needed, you can get up to 100 years. But it is still recommended to change the manifold every 50 years for safety reasons.

Q: Are PEX manifolds ideal for heating systems?

A: Yes, especially radiant heating systems for floors. PEX manifolds offer the chance to connect multiple lines to the same product, which is a considerable advantage compared to other types of connectors and distribution systems.

Q: Can I use a PEX manifold underground?

A: No, while it is possible to do so – we recommend not to. Not only will the brass or stainless steel corrode this way, but it is also not the ideal installation for PEX or other types of plastic lines.

Q: If the manifold is made of copper or steel, can I connect PEX tubing?

A: Yes, you can connect any type of line as long as you have the right adapter or connection diameter. Most PEX manifolds come with 1/2 or 3/4 inches connections. If the lines fit these measurements, you’ll probably have the ideal option for your home.

Q: Is the installation of a PEX manifold costly?

A: No. In fact, installing one of these manifolds is less expensive than many other water distribution systems you can get. It is often faster to install and also takes less effort overall.

Q: May I use a PEX manifold for compressed air?

A: No, you shouldn’t use any of these products for compressed air. It wouldn’t work and may end up damaging the piece. Especially the ones with pressure gauges and meters may break with compressed air.

Q: Is it be safe to use a PEX manifold in outdoors?

A: Some models are entirely safe to use in an outdoor installation. But you should be sure it is useful before choosing. Most manifolds are just for interiors that are well-protected – so make sure you have the right product if you want to make an outdoor setup.

Final Word

Now that you’ve read about some of the best PEX manifolds, it is time you make your choice. It won’t be easy, especially if you aren’t sure what you need. But as long as you take our advice and recommendations into account – then you’ll have an easier time choosing.

It all comes down to getting the manifold that best matches your needs and demands. That would be the best way to get the perfect product for your home.

So don’t install any other inefficient product at home, and instead just get one of these using our help. You won’t be disappointed!

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