Best Grappling Hooks Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

A grappling hook is the best friend of an adventurer who is looking to brave the mountains or oceans. Whether you are a rock or tree climber, this product is not a luxury but a necessity. With the proper hooks by your side, you can embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Having the right material can not only help you to climb a mountain, but it also has numerous functions. Some of the handy things you can do is achieving grip on an icy surface or pulling down trees.

Additionally, you can also retrieve any object from the water, and using it as an anchor for your fishing boat. Due to this multifunctionality and the increasing popularity we have designed a list of the best grappling hooks.

While designing this catalog, we accounted for the recommendation of veteran hikers, general customer reviews, product feedback, and physical testing.

After rigorous analysis, we reached a conclusion and listed the most efficient grappling hooks which can adhere to the needs of different customers.

The marketplace has a varied set of products, which have different functions and applications. Therefore, if you read through this article, you can make an informed decision about the one you are about to purchase.

The product description is followed by a definitive buying guide to aid you in narrowing the selection by understanding different criteria.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at our top picks and what features make them worthy of consideration.

What Is a Grappling Hook? 

If you are reading this article with a modicum of knowledge about this type of hooks, let us enlighten you. The grappling hook, also known as the grapnel’s central is a tool that is used to anchor or grasp any object firmly.

The primary part is the hook, which has a set number of claws or flukes. The secondary, not less important, part is the rope attached to the claws.

If you want a firm grasp on an object, then this is what you are looking for. For instance, if you are going to pull an object out from the water, you will need something that can attach itself to the surface.

If you throw one accurately, it can attach itself to the object, and you can use the rope to pull it out of the water.

What Are the Benefits of Using It?

The benefits of using them depend on the demands of a user. If you are a person who loves to stay at home, you can find some household utility for this product.

However, if you are an adventurer looking to take your game up a notch, then you are reading the right article.

You can’t even fathom rock climbing without the proper gear. They are necessary because they have enough strength and firmness to anchor itself in an uneven surface. So, your exciting outdoor journey undoubtedly needs one of these hooks.

Moreover, the product has some practical applications as well. If you are looking to yank a tree, then these are your best weapons.

Besides, for fishing enthusiasts anchoring can the boat can be challenging, if you have the right hook by your side, the task is more manageable.

Thus, these hooks have numerous benefits and functions. Then again, all of these applications are subject to the demands and requirements of the user.

Top 10 Best Grappling Hooks 2020

For mountain climbers, these hooks are considered as the ultimate survival tool. Check out these reviews and see why you should pick one for your next adventure.

1. Grappling Hook Grapnel Hook by Cyfie

Life can be very monotonous, and a little adventure can spice things up in your life. Research says that enthusiastic people are often happy with their life as they very much engaged with different fun activities.

So, if you are a sport enthusiast or just planning to catch fish; the Grappling Hook by Cyfie can be a perfect choice for you to satisfy your enthusiasms. 

First of all, this one features a three-claw steel design. The hook is made up of stainless-steel that are from Germany specialized cutting tools. And, the peg goes through a heat treatment in high temperature, and then, it gets quenched in oil.

These exceptional treatments make the hook extremely solid and durable. Therefore, the product becomes suitable for regular outdoor use.

Next, it is very versatile and come in three different sizes, large, medium, and small. For tree bough retrieving and tree climbing, you can use the L size.

To catch fish or other activities, you can use the M size, and finally, to hold falling items, you can use the S size. So, different sizes can be handy for completing different types of works.

After that, the hook has robust loadbearing and is also rust-resistant. The L size can hold up 276lb, the medium size can carry up to 132lb, and the small size has a weight capacity of 88lb. To increase the performance; you can use auxiliary rope or paracord.

Lastly, you must always be concerned about the fact that this is not suitable for serious rock climbing. However, after a thorough consideration of all the aspects, our team has concluded that this one is one of the best grappling hooks out there, and you can clearly see why.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile and has three different sizes.
  • Features stainless-steel that is exceptionally sturdy.
  • Can be used for many activities.
  • Load bearing and rust-resistant hook.

2. SZCO Supplies Grappling Hook with Cord

While most of you may think that a grappling hook is only for mountain or rock climbing, but you should know that it is not. There are some other exciting things or works, which requires the use of one.

For instance, if you are planning to remove a tree branch, then, using a hook can be the easiest way. On the other hand, if you are planning to catch a fish, take out weeds from a pond, then the right peg can be handy. So, if you are planning to buy one then, we suggest purchasing this hook from SZCO.

Most grappling hooks in the market do not come with a cord. Buying a peg may not dent your wallet but buying both a hook and cord might.

However, it is not the same case for this product as it features a cord, which saves you some extra bit of cash. Furthermore, the cord is made up of black nylon that is very durable and elegant at the same time.

The hook itself is made up of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust. The stainless-steel construction makes the product very reliable and who does not prefer the color black?

Next, the overall length of the product is 9.5-inches. It also features two spikes which are 8-inch long. Additionally, the included cord is 35 –inches that are long enough to help you do most works.

Furthermore, it features a loop on for safely attaching the cord. Without any irritation, you can use the product to remove weeds, catch fishes, take out branches, and much more. However, you should not stop here, as there may be much more to explore and find out about the uses of this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a black nylon cord.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Stainless-steel construction makes the claw robust and durable.
  • Extraordinarily versatile and can be used for many tasks.

3. Grappling Hook Folding Survival Claw

If are looking for the best grappling hook, then you have come to the right place. Climbing rocks, mountains, or outdoor adventures have never been more comfortable with the invention of the Folding Survival Claw.

This claw has been widely acknowledged for its wide range of features, and also it can be used for multiple purposes.

First of all, it is made up of ASTM 1050. Furthermore, the claws are made up of SUS304 stainless steel, which is of ultra-deluxe quality. ASTM 1050 and the premium quality materials make the hook incredibly sturdy and durable.

It makes the product last longer than standard claws, and it also prevents the hook from bending or breaking. So, whatever the outdoor throws at you will still be safe and sound.

Afterward, the product is made to be robust and to avert any slippage. This exceptional quality enables it to grasp any rocky or woody surface with ease. Additionally, the survival claw is able to carry 1102lbs of weight, which is more than the weight of three people.

Next, the hook is foldable which increases its portability. Thus, you can fold the claw up and put it inside your package without wasting additional space.

This grappling hook is extremely easy to operate. You do not require months of practice to be able to use this product. To make the claw more reliable; the manufacturers put it through an oil quenching process for a long time.

Finally, it is enormously versatile and can be used for most outdoor adventures. If you can explore and find new things to do with it, go ahead, nobody is stopping you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features ASTM 1050.
  • The claws are made up of SUS304 stainless steel.
  • Can lift up to 1102lbs of weight.
  • Foldable hook for increased portability.

​4. Multifunctional Gravity Hook-Folding Grappling Hook

While purchasing a grappling hook, several aspects of consideration may come into your thought, especially, if the claw has enough security. Then, you will have other consideration, such as if the hook is able to lift your weight or if you are climbing a mountain surface or maybe can the hook be used for multiple purposes?

Do not ask questions anymore as this grappling hook is the answer to all your problem. To begin with the features; this one offers a heavyweight 440 stainless-steel, which is sure to be reliable and durable. Your car may wear out, but you can be assured of the fact that it will not.

Afterward, the stainless-steel construction enables the product to lift 800lbs of weight. Hence, it is an optimal product for rock, or mountain climbing and can lift your weight bodyweight easily, unless you weigh more than 362kg, which is next to impossible.

The survival claw comes with a 550 paracord rope, which is of military-grade which is one of the highest quality materials. Thus, climb a mountain or go for outdoor adventures without the risk of being susceptible to accidents. After that, the gravity hook can be changed into a grappling hook within one minute.

This hook has an auto open and close option. When the claw touches a surface, it automatically opens, and when it leaves the surface, it automatically closes for carrying objects. Finally, the product also features secured rubber rings that make it durable, safer, and securer than other standard claws.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavyweight 440 stainless-steel build.
  • Has a loading capacity of 800lbs.
  • Includes a military class 550 paracord rope.
  • Can change into two different types of hooks within one minute.

5. KUFA Galvanized Steel Grapple Hooks

Household chores are very annoying, even if you are a workaholic. If you take too much time to finish up your domestic tasks, then it may hamper your productivity. So, wasting time on mere chores is not a good option.

However, chores such as; removing tree limbs, weeds, or bushes can be done by a grappling hook easily and quickly.

For such tasks, we suggest that you look into our number 5 product. First of all, it comes at an affordable price. Hence, there is no need for you to go and break your bank while purchasing one for completing your household tasks.

This hook features galvanized steel, which makes the body of the product extremely sturdy and durable.

It is obvious that you may need to use the product daily as domestic tasks are a regular thing. However, you do not have to as the claw is very reliable and can sustain the effects of daily use.

Next, it comes in small size and its lightweight. Thus, you can throw or use it easily without wasting your precious body strength.

Finally, this hook can be used for multiple tasks such as removing limbs from a tree, removing bushes or weeds, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used for domestic works.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Galvanized steel makes the product sturdy and durable.
  • Features a compact size.

​6. TEC Accessories RETREEV - Mini Grappling Hook Retrieval Tool

A grappling hook is a very interesting product. Although, it is not widely used yet if you know how to use them; you can get a lot of work done easily. Moreover, if your hook has a wide range of features then, you can use it for many indoor and outdoor activities.

So, for all you who are looking to buy a mechanical hook, TEC Accessories RETREEV is a fantastic product that will aid you to retrieve misplaced items and much more.

First of all, the claw features a compact size, and it is very lightweight. Thus, you have the ability to take it anywhere you want and also can throw it without the need of wasting additional strength.

After that, the product offers spikes, which need to be assembled. Spikes enable the product to grab hold of wooden items on a tree such as a branch and limbs without you having to go up there.

Next, it comes with both stainless steel and aluminum spikes. Both the versions are useful if you use them in proper situations. For instance, stainless-steel spikes do not bend while you are using it and the aluminum spines bend purposefully in order to retrieve items from tricky places.

It is made from aircraft class 6061-T6 aluminum, which is very sturdy and durable. The last and most interesting feature of the product is that it has a magnetic head.

The grappling hook uses a remarkable earth magnet at the head to pull metal objects from trees or difficult to reach places. This special magnetic head only comes with a few grappling hooks, and this one is one of them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a compact size.
  • Offers three spike heads of stainless-steel and aluminum.
  • Features magnetic top for retrieving metal objects.
  • The body is made up of aircraft class 6061-T6 aluminum.

7. Cyfie Grappling Hook

We have already reviewed a grappling hook from this manufacturer, and the only reason you are seeing another one is because they provide exceptional grade quality for all its products.

Similar to the last product we have discussed, this one also has a lot of diverse features. Except this one can be used for some additional activities, which will be mentioned later on the discussion.

This grappling hook has a SUS304 stainless-steel construction, which makes the claw much more durable and stronger than standard grapples. The product is extremely hard, and the level of hardness is up to HRC40. Thus, you can assume the amount of strength the hook has in its stock.

Next, the grappling claw is very easy to use. You do need to go through hours of practice sessions to be able to use this fantastic product. Furthermore, the product features three claws that can expand or collapse.

This feature was added by the manufacturers to make the hook more portable. Hence, if you are planning to take the product somewhere, close the metal claws, which will enable you to store it in a bag.

This hook has extremely strong bearing and has a loading capacity of 300lbs. It also comes with an auxiliary rope that saves your extra bit of cash.

Finally, as the product is very versatile, it can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. You can use it for survival training, tree climbing, outdoor adventures, fishing, anchoring, vehicle traction, and much more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a SUS304 stainless-steel build.
  • Hardened to HRC400.
  • Has a loading capacity of 300lbs.
  • Expandable and collapsible claws for increased portability.

8. Multifunctional Stainless-Steel Gravity Hook

There are some products that offer you only one type of use, and there are some products which offer you more. Having an item which has multiple purposes can be useful if you are looking for a one in all product.

Now if you are looking for a hook, which can serve more than one purposes, then, the Multifunctional Stainless-Steel Gravity Hook by Smiley can be your optimal choice.

Initially, the gravity claw features a compact size. Compactness permits the hook to be carried anywhere without the nuisance any complications. Everybody enjoys a convenient product that can be stored in a small backpack.

After that, the gravity hook uses only the highest quality materials in the market. Therefore, you can be assured of its exceptional quality and performance.

For durability and increased strength; the claw features a stainless iron build. It makes the product sturdy and enables it to bear a good amount of weight.

Furthermore, the robust build of the claw allows it to hold up to 170lbs of weight. As we mentioned, the product is multifunctional and can be used as a gravity hook, or a gear tie.

This hook features a steel latch pin to keep closed firmly. Thus, you do not need to worry about misplacing the rubber rings. It features a unique technology, which enables it to open when going down along gravity and the claw closes when it goes against gravity.

This makes the product efficient while using it for picking up items. After considering all the fact, we decided that it is one of the best grappling hooks for multiple purposes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Automatically opens when goes along gravity and closes when goes reverse.
  • Features the highest-quality materials in the market.
  • Strong bearing and can hold up to 170lbs of weight.

9. LikeFish Snagging Hooks Snagging Weighted Treble Hooks 

Fishing can be a great source of pleasure for a person. It gives you mental peace, and following a hobby is always fun and exciting. However, fishing without the right hook can be annoying. If your hook breaks while you are catching a big fish then, you might lose interest in fishing.

So, do not let your hobbies wash away and fish properly with the help of LikeFish Snagging Hooks.

First, the pack comes with two pieces of hooks, which are of great quality and can pack an excellent punch. The hooks have a good amount of weight and can go deep underwater.

Furthermore, the fishing claws feature stainless-steel construction that makes them sturdy, reliable, and durable.

Afterward, the product comes in two different colors. So, chose the one that suits best with your style. Next, it offers five different sizes. They come in 4.13-inches, 3.54-inches, 2.56-inches, 2.36-inches, and 2.09-inches. So, choose between a wide range of sizes, which can be the most optimal for your fishing experience.

The hooks are very sharp. Therefore, it will assist you while you are fishing. It also comes at an affordable price. Hence, you do not have to go and break your bank while pursuing your hobby.

Finally, the product is exceptionally versatile as you have the options to use it like a fish bait or catching different types of fish. So, do not hold back your hobbies and follow your desires with the help of this snagging hook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy, reliable and durable.
  • Comes in two different colors.
  • Features five different sizes for outstanding efficiency.
  • Budget-friendly.

​10. ZHIKE Survival Tool Grizzly Gravity Grappling Hook

If we tell you that are some grappling hooks than can be used for multiple purposes and also can be dissembled to be used as playthings, would you be interested? Furthermore, if well tell you that they also offer exceptional quality and performance would be tempted to purchase it?

Well tempted or not tempted, the ZHIKE Survival Tool grappling hook features a wide range of usage, and it can also be dissembled and used as a ‘Batarang.’

First of all, this claw features compact size and does not weigh a lot. It is extremely easy to use and features collapsible claws that can be folded for increased portability. Yet, do not think that it is not strong bearing as it has a loading capacity of 350kg.

However, it is an experimental data, so before doing anything crazy, test the product and check if it holds up or not.

Another interesting feature of the product, which is the Gravitational on and off system that enables the product to lift items from tricky places. The exclusive feature permits the claw to open up when going along gravity and closing when going against gravitation pull.

The product is multifunctional and can be used a four prolonged hook by installing the cross hook. Except for lifting things, climbing trees or other outdoor stuff, you can also use the claw as a bottle opener. It can also be used to pull broken cars. There is an integrated O ring that provides safe closure for the hook.

Finally, if you are feeling bored and want to dress up as ‘Batman’ dissemble the hook and you can use it as a ‘Batarang.’ So, go on and complete your outdoor activities or in leisure hours be ‘Batman’ and fight crimes, the choice is yours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a loading capacity of 350kg.
  • Gravitational on and off system.
  • Claws are collapsible and can be folded for increased portability.
  • Can be dissembled as a ‘Batarang.’

Things to Consider Before Buying Grappling Hooks

Skepticism is understandable before purchasing a product. If you are scouring through the market looking for the best grappling hook, this section will make your decision easier.

You don’t want your freshly minted product to catch rust or breakdown right after the first use.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of essential features you ought to be on the lookout for and include in your inventory. Being mindful about the aspects that make a grappling hook exceptional can help you choose the appropriate one.

Let us have a look at the primary considerations to account for while buying a grappling hook.

The Metal Type

Your primary concern while buying is understanding the quality of the metal. The type of metal you’re looking for must fill your requirements.

One the one hand you have fishing grappling hooks with handmade claws. These products feature a personally crafted design for intricate locking and gripping.

On the other, you have industrial-grade metal grappling hooks perfect for rock climbing.

These products offer premium material suitable for exciting outdoor activities. Most of these have claws made with ASTM 1050 and climbing hooks with SUS304 constituents.

The Rope Quality

Ropes are sold separately, but it is an essential consideration because, without it, the hook is frivolous. For extreme outdoor activities, you need a robust rope that carries enough weight.

Rock climbing or mountain hiking activities mandate a sturdy nylon or polyester cord for maximum safety and durability. Make your decision based on the endeavors you will undertake.

In contrast, you might opt for the typical polypropylene rope if your aim is to go fishing, dredging, or pulling lightweight objects.

These cords are comparatively weaker than their nylon and polyester counterparts. However, they are functional enough to address minimal household activities.


Another significant consideration is the mobility and compact nature of a grappling hook. If you want to embark on an adventure, then you need to be minimalistic about your packing and carry-ons. You can easily store a portable grappling hook in your backpack and use it only when necessary.

Several manufacturers in the market provide foldable products for easy storage. So, if you want to save space in your house or backpack, make sure you opt for a grappling hook with portability.

Weight Capacity

The weightlifting capability is a significant concern if you plan to perform climbing. Some grappling hooks offer a mediocre weight limit of 25-50lbs.

Despite the weak lifting capacity, small-sized products have a separate functionality. They are designed to pull limbs or hang food in the backyard.

The stronger grappling hooks feature incredible weight capacity ranging from 1000-1500lbs. However, they are more expensive compared to the lightweight ones.

The maximum weight capacity you want in your grappling hook will depend upon the tasks you wish to accomplish with it.

Elemental Resistance

Adverse weather can cause severe damage to the steel surface of your grappling hook. Therefore, be on the lookout for premium metal coatings, which are corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant.

This consideration becomes even more crucial when you plan on exposing your grappling hook to variable weather conditions.

Check for features mentioning the quality of the metal used for understanding the particular resistance it would provide.

Stainless steel materials offer the best elemental resistance; therefore, you can continue your adventure without worrying about different weather conditions. 

If you take these aspects into consideration, then you won’t face any difficulties while making an educated decision about your purchase.

Different Uses of Grappling Hook

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person, the grappling hook comes with numerous utilities. The use can range from a simple hanging of food in outdoor camping to rock climbing, or yanking trees. In this section, we’ll discuss the different uses of the grappling hook by dividing it into two different sections.

Let us have a look.

  • Uses of a Lightweight Grappling Hook

You can use these products during your outdoor camping activities as a hanger for different items such as food or clothing.

You will find some grappling hooks in the market feature a magnetic head. It allows you to drag any metal object closer towards you. Finding lost goods becomes more manageable with this feature.

You can retrieve lost items from a body of water. Instead of diving in yourself, you can throw your grappling hook and let it attach itself to the object.

  • Uses of a Heavyweight Grappling Hook

You can use them as a survival tool or an emergency weapon. Heavyweight grappling hooks have sharp edges made with industrial-grade steel. If you’re ever in a serious pickle, it will function well as a weapon.

Another prominent feature of the heavyweight grappling hook is sturdy enough to anchor a boat safely. The premium quality metal allows for a stronger grip, and you can feel safe while your boat is parked.

Moreover, you can drag heavy items with ease if you have a grappling hook. You need to attach the claw to an even surface, and you can easily pull furniture or tree logs. It allows movement with minimal force exertion.

Heavyweight grappling hooks are incredible for rock and tree climbing. Several products available in the market can hold up to 1500lbs, which makes it a reliable accessory for this extreme outdoor sport.

Additionally, military veterans sometimes use it to trigger any tripwires for security purposes.

The grappling hook has both practical and athletic utility. It is a versatile product suitable for a range of different applications. Thus, are you having problems with any of the activity mentioned above? If so, then a grappling hook is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why use a grappling hook to hang food instead of a rope?

Well, it is reasonable to use a rope for hanging food because it is convenient. However, the grappling hook has multiple uses.

So, if you purchase one, not only can you use it to hand meat, but you can also anchor your tent with it. The only reason to opt for a grappling hook over a rope is the sheer versatility.

Q2: How can I use the grappling hook to pull something?

The mechanism is quite straightforward. At first, you attach the claws or flukes of the hook to a sturdy surface of the object you are going to pull.

Make sure the grasp is firm, and your hook is not going to bend during the process. Once you ensure the grip is firm, you take the rope and begin pulling.

Q3: How to use a grappling hook to climb high altitude? 

To perform this task, you need to make sure you have a hook and rope with sturdy construction. Once you manage both of these, you need to find a target where you are going to lodge your claws or flukes.

You throw the hook towards the fixed target and check if the placement is firm and reliable. Once you have established a steady grip, you can use the rope to climb high altitude slowly.

Remember, the maneuver is risky and potentially cause severe injuries. Our expert suggestion is to perform such tasks in a group where you can find quick assistance in case of an emergency.

Q4: Are safety precautions necessary while operating a grappling hook?

The answer to this query is subject to the activity you are going to perform. If you are planning to hang your food during outdoor camping simply, then you can forgo extensive security measures.

However, if you are planning to go mountain climbing, then safety precautions are mandatory.

Veteran athletes recommend wearing full protective gear to minimize any damage if they were to occur. Any challenging task you want to perform with the grappling hook mandates extensive safety measure.

Final Words

Remember, the primary reason for buying a grappling hook is the versatile application it offers. You can either enjoy some extreme sport, or pleasant outdoor camping if you have one of these products. We present you the list of the best grappling hooks after rigorous analysis.

We have selected our top picks after careful consideration. You’ll find a range of products available each offering various functionalities. Our team of expert researchers took into account professional recommendation, customer review, popularity, and physical testing.

Therefore, you can rest with your skepticism while making a selection from our catalog.

Additionally, we hope that this article was informative and educational, and you’ve received adequate knowledge on the quality and functionality of grappling hooks. We made this guide a comprehensive one for your convenience.

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