Best Flush Cut Saw: Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Flush cut saws are great for trimming tenons or ends of dowels. With a product like this, you get to make rapid and precise cuts for a flawless finish.

Out of the many saws such as crosscut or rip saws available in the market nowadays, the flush cut saw is the one you should go for if you want smooth and clean edges.

That is why today we are going to help you find the best flush cut saw for your needs. Buying a good quality flush-cut saw that does not break or chip easily can be tough because there are too many versions available now.

To solve this problem, we've made a few suggestions. With this, we've also included a small and informative buying guide to help you understand the product better.

Top 8 Best Flush Cut Saw Reviews 

If you can’t seem to find the right flush cut saws for your needs, no need to worry. We’ve got you covered. Listed down below are 8 flush cut saws that we trust and know work well.

1. SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Ryoba Double Edge for Woodworking

Two-in-one saws such as this one are a blessing to have if you work with wood regularly. One side of the saw is cross-cut while the other side is a rip-cut.

This Ryoba saw can help you save time and money as you don’t have to buy two separate ones. Just flip the sides to use the kind of saw you need. No need to search for another tool.

Made with A1 standard Japanese steel this saw will last you quite a long time. The material is rust-resistant and sleek.

Just 0.02 inches thick, this allows you to make thin and accurate cuts. You get more control and flexibility and can saw through those hard to reach areas better.

Although the product is quite thin, the structure is durable. There is no possibility of this tool breaking apart.

Replacement blades for this tool are available in most regions. So, you can grab a hold of extra blades without any hassle when the current blade becomes dull.

This pull saw is most well known for being lightweight. As you require less power to make straight and deep cuts the edges of your wooden project are cleaner.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ryoba saw that has a cross-cut blade on one side and rip-cut on the other; two saws in one
  • Made with the high-grade Japanese steel
  • A 0.02-inch thick construction that is flexible and sturdy at the same time
  • Easy to replace blades when they go dull

2. HACHIEMON Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw Double Edge Hand Saw

Made using the traditional Morotegake Japanese method of carving saws, this unit is all you need to make that sharp and clean cut. Vertical lines that are made during this Morotegake process can be seen on the body of the saw. 

Saws that are made with such techniques are sharp and even have teeth. This means you need less effort when cutting. With just one pull stroke you will be able to cut through an inch and a half of wood.

Another benefit of Morotegake saws is that they reduce drag when making cuts. Also, the teeth on this saw are designed to clean out the shavings as you pull out the saw. Get a cleaner working surface with fewer shavings to deal with!

This saw too has to kinds of saw teeth on both sides. One side has a ripping blade and the other has a crosscutting side.

Weighing less than 4 ounces, this is one of the most lightweight saws in the market. With its razor-sharp blades, you won't have to worry about replacements any time soon. These don't get dull with time as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with Japanese Morotegake method
  • Even teeth that pull out wood shavings when used
  • Less effort needed to cut through thick pieces of wood thanks to the razor-sharp blade
  • One side of the saw has a ripping blade while the other has a crosscutting side
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Doesn’t need replacements

3. SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw 7 Inch Double Edge Hand Saw

Working with dull blades is a struggle all carpenters dread. Thanks to the easy to remove-and-replace blades on this one, you never have to work with blades that are not sharp!

If you have the proper tools, you can easily remove the blades from the handle to sharpen them. If not, replacement blades for this model are available everywhere. These are also quite cheap and can be bought in bulk.

Sharp blades give you cuts that are straighter and cleaner. The edges are left so smooth that sometimes you won’t even need to sand down the surface after a dowel is cut!

Thanks to this saw being ultra-lightweight, you get all the control and balance you need.

Even the handles are designed to cooperate with the contours of your hand, making this a tool you can use for hours without getting cramps.

This is an option that is recommended for both beginners and professionals because the product is user-friendly, affordable and, replacements are easy to find as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Replacements blades are affordable, can be found easily and can be bought in bulk as well
  • Constructed of sturdy Japanese steel that is rust-resistant
  • Gives you cleaner edges that require little to no sanding
  • Lightweight structure with ergonomic handle is easy to hold on to for hours and also gives you more balance
  • Made by the best craftsmen in Japan
  • A good option for beginners and professionals

4. Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw 

Working on big wooden projects or working no wood for too long can be frustrating on your palms. If the handle of the flush saw that you are using is not well made you can get bruises and cramps on your hands.

If you often face this problem, this Gyokucho flush saw is the tool you need. Made with a wooden handle, this saw is easy to hold on to for hours straight.

The smooth surface of the wood allows you to get a good grip without having to use much pressure.  As you're more comfortable, you can work for long hours with a full focus which ultimately increases your utility.

With two kinds of blades on the flush saw, this tool can be used on both hardwood and softwood. One side of the saw has 21 cross-cut teeth every inch, the other side has 32.

This makes one side have a wider set of teeth which is best for softwood while the denser teeth set is made for cutting through hardwood.

A 0.0012-inch blade is perfect for making thin and precise cuts. The thin blade is more flexible and can reach places other hard saws can't.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beechwood handle for better grip and comfort
  • Weighs only 0.12 ounces which helps you work longer
  • Has blades of two densities on both sides so that the saw can be used on both softwood and hardwood
  • 0.0012-inch blade which is thin and flexible enough to reach compact places

5. Topman Authentic Japanese Woodworking Flush Cut Trim Saw

Looking for a flush saw to cut through those hard to reach places? The Topman authentic Japanese flush-cut saw is your answer. 

The structure is made to be so flexible and thin that the saw can almost mimic curves to get to compact places.

Sharp blades make it easy for you to cut through wood without much movement. With just one stroke you can get deep cuts.

A carbon steel construction is what makes this saw so sturdy. No need to worry about rust or the blade going dull. You’ll get a long term use out of this one.

As this pulling saw does not buckle, this is the perfect tool for cutting off dowels. Besides that, use this saw to make delicate cuts, cuts around patterns, carve out shapes, trim edges, and also build pegs. This versatile saw will come to use in a lot of ways.

If you're looking for more control and power, the long 5.75-inch wooden handle on this one could be of use to you. As the handle is longer you get a better grip which in return allows you to make deeper cuts with less force needed.

Highlighted Features:

  • A flexible and thin structure that can be used to cut through hard to reach areas
  • The carbon steel construction makes this saw durable and rust-resistant
  • Best for cutting off dowels as the saw does not buckle
  • Long 5.75-inch handle which gives you better control and allows you to perform cuts effortlessly

6. Robert Larson 720-3000 Flush Cutting Saw

Flush saws made in Japan such as this one rarely let you down. Their flexibility and sharpness are something that cannot be found in local ones.

Robert Larson sets your comfort as their priority. Thus, the handy wooden handle on this one is made to adjust to the palm of your hand perfectly. Not only does this give you the best control and grip over the tool but it also helps keep your hands and arms relaxed. You can work for several hours without getting any cramps!

The versatile size of the saw allows you to use this on projects both small and large. As the construction is also quite sturdy you can use this saw on large pieces of wood without having to worry about the tool breaking.

Easy to use and available at a great price, this saw is loved by all. The saw also has minimal kerf so that you don’t have to use too much force. 

Although the teeth on this saw are not so even, this does not cause too much trouble because of the strength and sharpness it provides.

Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal kerf makes this the best tool for cutting pegs, edges, and dowels off of wooden structure
  • The saw has a sharp blade that causes no hard to the structure and makes clean cuts
  • Weighs just 2.4 ounces and has a good handle
  • Versatile size and sturdiness of the tool allows you to use this on wooden projects of all size

7. Japanese Saw 22-1/2" Hand Flush Cut Ryoba Pull Saw

For a longer product lifetime, the teeth on this saw are made with an impulse hardening technique. These teeth do not become dull so easily making them great for regular use. Because of the strong teeth, you can use this saw on the hardwood as well.

Both edges of the saw have been made strong and sharp. One side has a 6 to 10 TPI range that makes it perfect for ripping cuts and the other side has 18 TPI triple cut saw teeth for finer crosscuts with higher precision.

Both sides work so well on any kind of wood that you won't need any other saws for trimming. Having this tool will serve many purposes.

The sharp teeth can gash through anything; be it bamboo, MDF plywood, PVC or MDF pipes, logs, or timbers. All cuts are clean and fast.

You get a blade that is 10 inches long and 0.023 inches thick. This is great because you get a saw that is flexible and can bend but won’t break.

Handles wrapped with plastic rubber make a surface that you can hold on to for hours without any problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Impulse hardened saw teeth that don’t become dull and are great for regular use
  • Plastic rubber-coated handle
  • Can be used on the hardwood as well
  • 6 to 10 TPI on one side for ripping cuts and 18 TPI on the other for crosscuts
  • Can cut through plywood, PVC and MDF pipes, logs, timber, and bamboo as well
  • 10-inch long blade with a thickness of 0.023 inches

8. DEWALT DWHT20541 Flush Cut Pull Saw

Dewalt saws are popular for being long-lasting and extremely sharp. Although they cost a bit more than other flush saws you get in the market, you are paying for quality and standard. 

The blade you get on this saw is 5 inches in length. A small sized flush saw is great to have at hand for making small adjustments, carvings and also for trimming off stuff on smaller projects.

There are 22 teeth per inch so, although it is not recommended, you can use the tool on the hardwood as well.

A handle that is made with the combination of plastic and rubber is quite similar to the ones you see on Dewalt screwdrivers and other power tools. This handle is soft and smooth to the touch. Ergonomic handles like these are a great thing to have if you have to work longer shifts.

Made with a 23 point tooth geometry technology, this pull saw can cut through wood smoothly and effortlessly. This feature also increases flexibility while keeping the sturdiness intact. The blade is also easy to keep straight despite its flexible nature so getting unswerving cuts is not a problem when you’re working with this tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 inch long with 22 teeth per inch; perfect for smaller wooden projects
  • Has a classic plastic-and-rubber Dewalt ergonomic handle
  • Made 23 point tooth geometry technology for increased flexibility
  • Easy to make sharp cuts with
  • Double-sided blades for cutting faster

What to Look for While Buying Flush Cut Saw?

If you want a flush cut saw that works great and is the best match for you, you need to take some features and factors into consideration. These are the features that set aside a good quality flush cut saw from a bad one.


We cannot stress enough about how important this factor is. A good grip is necessary both for safety and for the quality of your cut. If you work with wood quite often you should go for flush cut saws that come with easy-to-hold grips and handles.

This can be plastic, wood, or even steel depending on your comfort. If you want extra comfort you can add additional covers to the handles.


Working with a dull blade is more dangerous than working with a sharp blade. This is because with the former you have to use more pressure which might sometimes cause you to slip and lose control. They can also cause damage to the surface of the wood because of the excessive friction.

Check how sharp the blade is before settling for it. An acute blade will give you straighter and more accurate cuts.

It is normal for the blades to become dull with time, in which case you should get them sharpened, but initially the blades need to be serrated.


A flush-cut saw that is too thick defies the whole purpose of the saw. This saw is not going to work well and won't be able to make sharp and clean cuts. Always go for the thinnest flush-cut saw out of the bunch you are considering for best results.

But ensure that although the blade is thin, it is also sturdy. Always go for better and high-quality material to make sure that the blade does not break or crack.


Getting a set of flush cut saws that come in different sizes is a great idea if you work with wood quite often. A flush cut saw that is too small is great for cutting off edges and extra pieces but not suitable for making long cuts on thick wood. Therefore, having a variety of sizes will help you.

You can also try and get a flush cut saw in a size that fits the type of cuts you will be making most often.

Even Teeth

To make even cuts, all the teeth on your saw need to be of the same length. Otherwise, different parts of the wood might get uneven cuts. Check the length of the teeth of the saw by putting the saw under a magnifying glass. Checking three or four spots to see whether the teeth are consistent will be enough.


When you bend a flush cut saw at least more than 90 degrees, after letting go, it should be able to regain its original form. This shows a good level of pressure build-up.

Units that are too flexible might break easily, so try and settle on one that has the best amount of tension.


Is the saw that you buy is not perfectly straight, you will notice a lot of pain in your wrist. With that, you will also get crooked cuts with little to no control over the blade. A good rule is to check whether the blade is aligned from top to bottom in good lighting.

What Does Flush Cut Mean?

Flush cut is a technique that has been used on wood for ages. Best known for their accuracy and steadiness, flush cut saws are one of the must-have tools that every carpenter and DIY woodwork lover needs. It makes slight adjustments and cutting off extra scraps from your almost finished work easier.

Flush cuts on a saw mean that it has sharp edges on only one side. By excluding this sharp set of teeth on one side you get a blade that can be used quite close to an already finished wooden project without causing any scratches or chips.

The blade can be put quite close to the surface of the wood which gives you a good and sharp cut. This way you can avoid getting any adjustments after the final cut is made as there are usually no remaining strands of wood after a flush cut.

This blade is also very flexible. As it bends quite easily, you can get into those hard to reach places easily. 

Typically, a flush cut saw is just 6 inches in height. A small sized saw like this is great for chopping off extra pieces on your wood.

What Are the Common Usage of a Flush Cut Saw?

Flush cut saws can be used on any kind of project once you get the hang of them. But mainly they are used for making specific adjustments.

  • Helps Making Thin Cuts

Firstly, you can use a flush cut saw for making thin cuts. These saws are very popular for being steady and accurate. So, when you need to make cuts on your wood that are only a few mm thick, this saw will come in handy.

  • Great for Making Straight Cuts

The blades on these are made to work when you pull them towards you. As your bodyweight acts in the direction of the pull, the blades go through a lot of pressure, making them thinner.

This is why people always use a flush cut saw for making straight cuts. Even if you haven't mastered the skill of making freehand even cuts, with the help of this tool you will get stability easily.

  • Ideal for Cuttings Bungs Tenons

Another reason why you might want these in your toolbox is they come in handy when cutting bungs tenons or dowels. Because of the strategically placed blades, you won't cause any harm to the wooden surface. After cutting off the extra pieces you can sand off the surface for a professional finish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In case you have any more queries take a look at these questions we have answered to make your buying process even smoother.

Are Flush saws sharp enough to be used on furniture? 

Yes, if you get a saw that is big enough you will be able to cut through thick furniture wood with no trouble at all.

What size do flush saws come in? 

Flush cut saws come in sizes as small as 6 inches. They can be made to any size you want. But typically, they are somewhere between 6 to 18 inches in length.

Can you trim wood with a flush saw? 

Because of their preciseness, a flush cut saw is recommended for trimming extra pieces of wood from wooden furniture. They are the best option to go for.

Can you make fast cuts with flush cut saws? 

Yes, when you need to make small adjustments to your wooden project use a flush cut saw to make fast and easy cuts. They don’t need any set up as they are manual.

What is a Pull saw used for? 

Pull saws are used mainly on smaller projects for precise and straight freehand cuts. They can also be used to reach compact places.

Final Words

Having the best flush cut saw at hand is going to change your projects for the better. With the help of this saw, you can get more precise and straighter cuts effortlessly.

These are a must-have if you work with wood quite often. Go get yourself a high-quality flush cut saw and cut those dowels away!

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