Top 10 Best Dump Trailer Reviews On The Market 2021

If you own a lot of property, one thing you will notice is that you spend a lot of time moving items from one end to the other. You might have a wheelbarrow to help you with yard work, which is tiring because you are lifting and balancing at the same time. 

What if I told you that there is a better way of doing all these carryings, rolling and dumping?

The tool I’m suggesting is a dump cart. A miniature version of dump trailer and it’s certainly a much better option compared to a wheelbarrow.

Having the best dump trailer means you can get up to 1200 pounds of loading capability and sometimes even more and 500 pounds of dumping capability, which varies from brand to brand.  Some have more, some have less.

When you move something with a dump cart, you don’t have to lift and push at the same time as you would on a wheelbarrow. Some of them have swivel handle that you can use to turn the cart or hook it up to a car or an ATV.

Dumping is also pretty dang sweet as some of these garden carts have a latch-up system that you can use to dump all of the stuff that you are hauling instead of manually lifting up the whole trailer.

What to Look Before Buying A Dump Trailer?

From the time they were invented, utility carts, dump carts, and pull-behind trailers are built in the same with only minor improvements to their material quality. They are also manufactured to keep a certain price point.

Since material cost is going up each year, durability is compromised to keep to that price point.

Since the market is filled up with carts that have poor metal frames, less rubber in tires and less metal in bearings, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision.

So, let’s talk about some of the key features that you should definitely look for when buying a yard cart.


Most of them are designed with a center dump pivot point where they kind of dump all the stuff at once. Which also means you can only haul what you can physically lift. So, don’t buy a bigger cart if you can’t fill it to the max.

You need to get a cart with the best-in-class construction and durability. An all-square tube frame which has an off-set dump pivot point is recommended for greater control.


If you want maximum load capacity, the frame construction is what you should look into next. Some carts will have frames similar to a roll-cage with full-mandrel bent axle support.


There are different types of tube construction, but poly tubes work very good when handling heavy loads and it will last longer.

Lift-Assists & Swivel

You need lift-assists to handle heavy loads with ease and swivel makes it easy to maneuver. A hydraulic assisted tube lift will reduce your lift effort up to 90% and it will also increase control.


Let’s talk about tires. Flat tires on your cart can be your worst nightmare. With pneumatic tires, you are bound to experience tire punctures, but this can be eliminated if you get a tire with run-flat technology.

With this feature installed, if you run over glass or nails, it will self-seal most of the punctures in an instant before losing any air.

If you want a more in-depth buying guide, you can check that out at the end of this article.

Top 10 Best Dump Trailer Reviews

Here is a list of top 10 dump trailer reviews to make your gardening or yard work much easier.

1. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Gorilla dump carts are still the king of the hill when it comes to heavy-duty hauling. If you got big projects and a lot of chores and you want a bigger cart, this is the one to go for. You can fill it to the max and easily handle heavy loads with its quick-release dumping mechanism.

As I’ve said before, this is a heavy-duty cart that makes your loading and dumping fast and smooth. It has 6 cubic-feet capacity that has a 40*25-inch poly tube bed construction. The max loading capacity is 1200 pounds which is the highest you will probably see in this list.

The steel constructed frame with black finish is the backbone of this cart. In addition to that, it has their 2-in-1 patented handle that you can use to tow the cart behind an ATV or a lawn tractor. You can also pull it by hand if you want and this cart will go anywhere thanks to the 13” tires.

These tires will take your cart through rough terrain and make the cart easy to maneuver. Even when fully loaded, the tires keep the trailer balanced of its 4-wheel so that you can maneuver easily on heavy terrain. Since these are rubberized wheels, you do need to watch out for sharp objects.

Highlighted Features

  • Updated frame design for better maneuverability and rigidity.
  • The increased ground clearance that allows for tighter turning radius.
  • 1200 pounds of max loading capacity.
  • Patented lift-assist for dumping.

2. Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

Make yard chores easier with the Agri-Fab 12 cubic-foot tow behind utility cart. It’s made in the USA from parts imported from all over the world. If you want a tow behind trailer that you can use for years, this is the one. This one offers several important features like large tires, steel bed, and a foot-lever dumping mechanism. 

Let’s talk about durability first. It has a durable steel bed construction that is powder coated instead of painted and it is also scratch resistant. Whether you are transporting gravel, sand or compost, the Agri-Fab has you covered with its 750 pounds of maximum loading capacity. And don’t worry, you can fill it to the max thanks to its steel frame.

Since it’s a tow behind dump trailer, dumping is as important as loading. Luckily this one has some amazing features that you will surely find helpful. For easy unloading, it has a foot-lever dumping mechanism and removable tailgate with tailgate guides. These reinforced guides also add extra strength to the cart.

No matter what brand of tractor you have, you need to be able to attach this cart easily and quickly. And for that, this one uses a universal tow hitch that you can use to hook it with any brand of lawn mower or tractor. With its 16" x 4 pneumatic tires, you can easily move it around rough terrains.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable steel bed and frame construction.
  • A foot-lever mechanism for easy dumping.
  • 750 pounds of maximum loading capacity and 12 cubic feet of hauling capacity.
  • Tailgates with reinforced guides for extra durability and longer lifespan.

3. Polar Trailer 9542 LG10 Lawn and Garden Trailer

If you are looking for an ideal and best dump trailer for your landscape, yard or farm work projects, the Polar Trailer LG Series of tow carts got you covered. They are a brand that you can trust to deliver high-quality models for any size farm, yard, or backyard landscaping. This is a solid workhorse that can take a lot of beating and abuse.

At Polar, they put a lot of effort, time and resources to rigorously test all of their products to ensure maximum performance and the lifespan of their carts. They have a solid lineup of some of the toughest and most dependable utility carts in the industry. The tubular frame is built to last and outperform its metal sheet frame competitors.

Powered coated steel frame construction increases rigidity and sealed ball bearings are used to ensure you get the most dependable cart on the market. With that being said, the LG10 utility cart features 900 pounds of maximum loading capacity with 10 cubic feet hauling capacity that can also reach 13 cubic feet of heaping capacity.

For easy maneuverability, it has higher ground clearance with a tilt-and-swivel feature that makes it one of the best garden trailer in terms of versatility. It also features the original tilt and pivot frame and the quick release tipper latch make it very easy for loading and unloading.  

Highlighted Features

  • Tubular frame technology combined with steel frame construction for maximum durability.
  • High ground clearance with tilt and swivel feature for versatility.
  • Maximum 900 pounds of load capacity with 10 cubic feet of hauling capacity.
  •  Easy to assemble and built to last.

4. Yard Commander 10 Cubic Foot Steel Dump Cart

If you want to make your yard work easy, or perhaps you have a lot of small gardening projects that are too large for a wheelbarrow to handle, then you need a yard cart like this one. It is a well-engineered cart that has a hefty 400 pounds of maximum loading capacity that can easily haul 10 cubic foot of materials.

No matter how long you use it, the steel bed with rust resistant powder coat finish ensure a longer product life. The smooth rolling 13-inch off-road pneumatic tires offer easy maneuverability over rough terrain. It’s a pretty good, compact and reliable unit for the price. This isn’t a heavily contracted cart, but tough enough to handle your daily gardening chores.

It’s more than adequate for day to day use and you can attach it behind a lawn mower to haul a load of dirt. Because of its compact size, you can easily move it by hand or with any brand of lawn mower or tractor as long as you have a hole to put the pin through and maintain a steady pace.

For easy loading and unloading, it features a removable tailgate with reinforced guides as well as a foot pedal release mechanism. Dumping is effortless as this can be used as a wheelbarrow. The higher ground clearance and wider wheelbase combined with its compact design make it very easy to turn in tight spaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact, reliable and efficient design for easy maneuverability.
  • Solid powder-coated steel frame construction.
  • Removable tailgate and foot pedal release mechanism for easy off-loading.
  • Well engineered and perfect for the money.

5. Polar Trailer Clam LG7, 600 Pound Capacity

When it’s time to go to the work on the yard or the farm, a trailer from Polar is the perfect tool to get the job done. Work smarter, less manual work and lift more easily with the LG7 yard cart. With a heaping load capacity of 10 cubic feet and a maximum load capacity of 600 lbs., you will be getting a lot more work done than similarly priced trailers from competitors.

The LG7 clam trailer will turn your ATV or lawn tractor into a portable hauling machine. Unlike steel or aluminum, the bed on this won’t rust, scratch or crack because the bed is constructed using rugged polyethylene tub. In terms of performance, polyethylene tub outperforms sheet metal and aluminum.

The high-impact body combined with powder-coated steel frames can take as much punishment as your job can throw at it. The extra thick beds won’t rust or corrode. For extra ground clearance, the LG7 features pass-through axles that will take this cart through any terrain. Maintenance free, shielded ball bearings require absolutely no greasing.

The tilt and swivel frame with the quick release tipper latch allows you to easily put all the load that you are hauling exactly where you want. Ideal for large property owners, gardening, hunting property or the farm. Unlike other carts, the assembly can be done in minutes rather than hours.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly versatile utility trailer with good ground clearance.
  • Quick release tipper latch mechanism for easy off-loading.
  • Powder coated all steel frame construction.
  • Robust polyethylene tub that won’t dent or rust.

6. Strongway Steel Dump Cart - 1,200-Lb. Capacity, 17 Cu. Ft.

Tackle all your jobs at home or the worksite with the Strongway Steel Dump Cart. It is just the right tool for a variety of agricultural and residential applications. This cart holds up to 1200 pounds with its all steel frame construction and 17 cubic feet capacity. This steel cart makes working at home or in the field easier than ever.

For easy loading and unloading of your hauls, this trailer has a removable tailgate and guard rail on the sides that keep your valuables in check. The easy to use foot pedal dump mechanism makes it very easy to unload exactly where you want. It is also mounted directly over the 3-quarter inch axle to make dumping even easier.   

It has a sturdy steel frame and bed with rust resistant powder coated finish to make the cart corrosion resistant and also protects it against harmful UV rays. An R-pin hitch works with lawn tractors, mowers, garden tractors and ATV’s. The whole unit rolls smoothly over uneven terrain with its 16-inch by 5-inch pneumatic tires.

The hitch tongue allows you to steer right where you want it. The durability of this tool is something that you can trust. Since this one is meant to hold 1200 pounds of load, they better build it right and so far, they have done a good job. The next time you need to trailer heavy loads, make sure to check out this steel dump cart from Strongway.

Highlighted Features

  • Protective side rails to keep your loads in check.
  • All steel powder coated frame and body.
  • Universal R-pin hitch with hitch tongue.
  • Foot pedal dumping mechanism.

7. Green Garden Cart Dump Wagon Trailer

An affordable, handy cart to have around for small projects. It is half the price of a regular dumping cart so obviously, there are some compromises on its quality. But for the price you are paying, it is more than adequate. With 220 lbs. maximum load capacity and 110 lbs. of dumping capacity, it can easily handle your small garden chores. 

Features polycarbonate tube with steel frames to increase durability. It rolls on 10” pneumatic turf tires that will take this cart through various types of terrain. Your cart might be prone to punctured tires, but if you plan on using it on your garden only, then you won’t have any problems with it.

The most exclusive part of this tire is that you can haul many heavy loads over wet ground. As long as you keep a steady psi level, you will never have any trouble with the tire going flat. It doesn’t have a very good ground clearance but it’s better if you use it for your small gardening projects only.

Don’t expect to haul cinder blocks on it as it won’t be able to take the load. Assembling this is a bit of a challenge for first timers. If you haven’t done it before, I would suggest you get someone that knows how to assemble garden carts. There is not much to say about this product, it is as simple as it gets.

Highlighted Features

  • Good for small gardening projects.
  • 200 pounds of maximum load capacity.
  • 10-inch turf tires that roll smoothly.
  • Hitch-lock dumping mechanism.

8. Agri-Fab Poly Tow Behind Dump Cart

Agri-Fab is known for tough tools. Their carts are engineered to make your lawn care easy during assembly and in use. Take care of your garden and lawn projects with this tow behind dump cart from Agri-Fab. This tool offers several features that make it one of the top quality dump cart on the market.

Regardless of brand or style, you can tow it behind any lawn tractors or ATV, as long as you have the right mounting hole. The smooth rolling pneumatic tires allow dragging this cart over the roughest terrain. For easy maneuverability, it has 16" by 6.5" tires with a large wheelbase.

It is the most efficient way of hauling gravel, sand, mulch, and other composites from one end of your yard to the other. It is also very easy to assemble and takes only a few minutes to do so. The sturdy and tough poly bed is large enough to hold up to 800 pounds of load, which is its maximum load capacity. To add to its rigidness and durability, scratch resistant steel frames are used with powder-coat finish.

Since it is a tow-behind cart, let’s talk about its towing capability. As I’ve said before, it has a universal hatch, which you can easily attach the cart to any brand of tractor. It also has an easy to use dumping method. For the price, one thing I can say is that you will be really impressed with this dump trailer.

Highlighted Features

  • Assemble is very easy and quick.
  • Durable steel frame and poly tube bed.
  • Universally compatible hitch that hooks with any brand of tractor.
  • Smooth rolling pneumatic tires and good ground clearance.

9. Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Tractor/ATV Trailer 

Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Tractor/ATV Trailer

Ohio Steel has been making quality products that never fail to live up to their specifications. This tool is a solid performer in my book because this trailer can really hold its own. It dumps easily and hauls smoothly. This poly swivel 12.5 cubic feet dump trailer is the perfect solution for hauling dirt, mulch, composite, firewood and other heavy materials around your yard or farm.

It has a patented swivel dump feature that you can activate by using the convenient foot pedal. You can unload anywhere within a 100-degree radius. With 1250 pounds of maximum loading capacity, this will be the only trailer you will ever need.

The exclusive multi-hitch allows you to use this cart all year long without lawn tractor, zero-turn mower or ATV, regardless of any brand. It can also switch between a pin hitch and ball hitch in seconds. You don’t need to use any tools whatsoever. The wheels are wide and the passthrough undercarriage provides a whopping 12-inch of ground clearance.

The rotating hitch allows you the cart to roll with the terrain. The bed is constructed of polyethylene structural foam which is very durable. It is easy to clean and won’t rust. The tires have grease fittings for easy maintenance. In short, this is a sturdy and stable tool and certainly one of the best dump trailer for the money.

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with 16” multi-terrain commercial grade ATV tires.
  • Premium quality construction with a durable body.
  • Highest ground clearance among ATV trailers.
  • Patented swivel dump feature for easy unloading.

10. Husqvarna Poly Swivel Dump Cart

If you want to get your projects done quicker and more efficiently, then the poly swivel dump cart from Husqvarna might the ideal companion for your job. It can hold 12.5 cubic feet of anything you want to put in it and has a maximum loading capacity of 1250 pounds. This is the last product in our dump trailer reviews but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad in any way. 

Fun fact, Ohio Steel Industries actually manufacture these trailers for Husqvarna. Which means, top notch quality guaranteed.

This one smoothly rolls on its 16 X 6.50 – 8” diameter tires. There is a convenient foot pedal that activates the swivel dump feature which allows you to unload your stuff anywhere within a 60-degree radius. It has an impressive 1250-pound load capacity thanks to its tough polyethylene structural foam bed.

This foam bed is easy to clean, will not rust and extremely durable. This bed also features molded-in stake pockets divider slots for even greater versatility. Those 16” tires that I’ve talked about earlier are equipped with grease fitters for easy maintenance.

If you want to tow it behind any garden tractor and lawn mower, there is an included hitch pin on the rear of the trailer.  It is very easy to maneuver even when it is fully empty. In short, this handy trailer with all of its features won’t let you down.

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth rolling pneumatic tires with grease fittings for easy maintenance.
  • Maximum 1250 pounds of load capacity.
  • Convenient dump pedal that activates the swivel action.
  • Tough and durable polyethylene structural foam bed.

Different Types of Dump Trailer

If you have a lot of small gardening projects or you own a large piece property where you constantly find yourself hauling heavy loads, you need a dump trailer. A good wagon can make all the difference. You won’t believe how easy your work will get when you get a good trailer.

There are a lot of benefits to owning one because they will lessen your workload, will allow you to finish the job significantly quicker and a much better option than owning a wheelbarrow.

Now let’s shift our focus into more important matters. If you have already owned a utility cart, you know how hard it is to find that certain product that will last. Frankly, there are a lot of them with the mediocre build quality and a lot of them aren’t true to their specs.

If you don’t want to end up purchasing a bad product again, or if this is your first time buying a garden cart, sit down, and spend a couple of minutes to go through this buying guide.

As you already know, they come in all different types, sizes and load capacities. Some have a specialized mechanism to make loading and unloading easy, and some have better maneuverability.

To make a spot-on deal, here are the following things you should keep in mind before purchasing a dump cart.

Types of Cart Construction 

The first and foremost thing you should definitely look out for is how the cart is constructed. Not all of them have the same build quality. It is also a matter of pricing as higher priced models will surely have a better construction.

When it comes to tow behind cart construction, there are basically four different types and one of them you should definitely avoid. With pull-behind carts, you definitely get what you pay for. For light to medium projects, any sub-100-ish cart will do.

But if you have a lot of moving around to do and carry heavy loads, you should go beyond 200 dollars price point and that is where the best dump trailers are found. With that in mind, here is a brief detail about different types of cart construction.

1. Poly Tube 

For most people, polyethylene tube beds are the best. Not only do they outperform metal carts, but they are also resistant to scratches, corrosion, and dent. Plus, they can take a lot of abuse and they are also very easy to clean.

To a normal user, a poly tube cart might look cheap and plasticky and that is where most of them are wrong. As a matter of fact, they can easily outperform their metal and aluminum competitors in terms of durability and load capacity.

If you haul more often and carry heavy stuff, make sure to buy a trailer with a poly tube bed.

2. Structural Foam Tub

The best of the best. And yes, they are similar to poly tubes but better. These are also called low-density polymer tubes and the carts that use them are extremely tough. Most of them are meant to carry heavy loads.

Most of them have pockets molded on the sides to add an extension like slide rails. Popular brands like Ohio Steel, Agri-Fab and Husqvarna sell these types of high-quality pull behind carts.

However, some of them might pick up scratches overtime with excessive usage and if you leave oil or grease on them for long. But they are tougher and usually last longer than poly tubes. And you can beat the crap out of them, and they will still go strong.

3. All Steel Tub

Most of the steel tube pull-behind cart in this list are cheaper than poly tubes. But they have an upper hand when it comes to dumping. Most of them have removable tailgates and some even have reinforced tailgate sides to increase durability.

The only problem with this kind of tub is that none of them can hold weight as much as a poly tube cart can. And if you want more loading capacity, it will probably cost you more than 500 bucks. Well, that sucks.

However, steel tub has another advantage. They dump clean. Unlike poly tubs, you don’t need a rake or a shovel to clean you dump completely.

4. Plastic Tub 

This is the type I was talking about when I said there was one that you should definitely avoid. They might look like poly tubs, but they are nowhere near them in durability or performance.

These types of tow behind carts are for small garden owners that will occasionally move plants or compost material from one end to the other. And most of them will hardly last a year or two.

They have a tendency to crack, split and easily dent with somewhat medium-heavy loads. Most of the brands won’t mention plastic, instead, they will just say poly to confuse average consumers.

Just keep in mind that carts under 100 bucks will often have plastic tubs. But that doesn’t make them all that bad. They are useful when it comes to hauling leaves, branches, bags of mulches and sticks.

Because they are made with thinner material, they won’t cost much and ideal for weekend gardeners and other small projects around the house.

Load Capacity & Cubic Feet Capacity

Most of the time you will notice the load rating in the specs. It determines how much load it can carry before the frames start to bend. Carts that use a ¾-inch axle will have a load capacity of 800 pounds or less. But that isn’t the only determining factor here.

There are the case of frames, tub design, and cubic feet capacity. 1-inch axle tow behind carts will usually have a maximum load capacity of 1000 lbs. or more. Axles are made from solid steel bar and there is a limit to how much weight it can carry.

Cubic feet are measured by how much rounded-load you can take in your cart. You will see something like 10 cubic feet or 12 cubic feet along with max load capacity.

Types of Trailer Tires

Generally, dump carts come with three different tires. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on a tire will determine what type you will get.

1. Commercial Grade Tires

You will only find them on high-end models. The quality is on par with commercial grade lawn mower tires and most of them if not all of them have tire sealant to protect the tires from going flat.

Having a tire sealant built into the tire is bliss because it will instantly heal any puncture wounds caused by a sharp object.

Since most of the trailers use pneumatic tires, you will often encounter flat tires and believe me, this is the last you would want to happen to your cart when you are dealing with heavy loads. Commercial grade tires can easily handle bulk loads without blowing out.

2. Standard Tires

These have the same quality as an ordinary lawn tractor tire without the sealant. Roll into any sharp object and these tires go flat. Do me a favor and install a tire sealant in them if you don’t flat tires on your workday.

3. Ordinary Wheelbarrow Tires

Plain, cheap tires that you would commonly see on wheelbarrows and cheap carts. Flats are more than common with this type of tires because they are barely any thicker than the inner tube.


I’m sure you have seen the word swivel dump feature by now. It’s a feature that allows you to dump your load within a certain radius. This type of mobility is more important than you might think.

Not only it eliminates the need of a wheelbarrow because they turn on a dime and dump carts don’t, but if you get a cart that has this feature, for example, a 100-degree turning radius, you can pretty much dump all of the load exactly where you want it.

Mobility features will determine how easy and efficient it is to use a cart. However, it isn’t only limited to swivel dump feature. Tires, tilt and pivot mechanism, and dump assists are also a part of mobility.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. What is the main advantage of an all-steel dump cart?

Most all-steel carts have removable tailgates which can make unloading whatever you are carrying very easy. You won’t even need to use a shovel to completely clean out the haul.

2. Is a tow behind dump cart better than a wheelbarrow?

If you are the type of person that loves gardening but hate moving around bags of mulches and composites manually, then your best bet is to get a dump cart. Unlike a wheelbarrow, you don’t have to lift, balance and push at the same time. Dump carts are self-balanced, have swivel steering and hydraulic lift-assists that does 90% of the manual work for you.

3. What are the uses of a yard cart?

First of all, the most common usage of yard carts is to move stuff around. Whether it’s a large area or small, they are much better than carrying stuff around by hand.

Second, you can pick up a lot of stuff, which saves time because you can get to move them all at once. You don’t have to come back and forth all the time.

Third, you can attach the cart behind your lawn mower or tractor and tow it to wherever you need faster, safer and more efficiently. 

Final Thoughts

Hope you found the best deal for your next lawn project. I know it was a lengthy guide, but I had to cover all the important stuff. Since it’s a matter of investment, I can’t afford to miss out on details. 

When it comes to dumping carts, you get what you pay for. If you want to get the best bang for your buck and make your investment worthwhile, keep the important factors in mind when buying the best dump trailer.

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